Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smitten Cafe and Tea Bar ...... and Day Makers

I've heard about Smitten from a friend who likes to hang out at the area around Robertson Quay. First it was the Book Cafe where his son likes the treasure chest of toys and then it was Smitten when it was opened not long ago. Smitten was only opened for a couple of months and it's only recently that the cafe decided to serve paninis over the counter. This was when I chose to visit so that I can have my panini lunch over freshly brewed coffee. Apart from the Ethiopian and Sumatran beans for the coffees, there are exotic teas that impressed me just by the sound of their names,  Baiye Dancong Oolong, Bi Tan Piao Xue Green Tea etc. Though this cafe and tea bar was opened not too long ago, it has become popular by virtue of good coffee, service and explosion of folks who are no longer satisfied with gourmet coffees from the big boys. Smitten called themselves Day makers and Yes they made my day with their premium fresh brewed coffee.

Here's my Iced Drip Coffee that's perfect for cooling me down after walking a distance under the  Sunday afternoon sun. It was light but nevertheless fragrant.

As it was my first caffeine intake for the day, the iced drip coffee wasn't enough. So I got myself another shot in the form of Caffe Latte. This cuppa is slightly more acidic than the one from Loysel's Toy.

For a light lunch, I've got myself  a Grilled Bratwurst Panini with potato chips baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. I liked the smokey grilled bratwurst but I find that panini portion to be small. 
As the panini was too small a portion for lunch, I went ahead to order more Grilled Bratwurst Nibblets. The bratwurst was adictive.

Here's the Mirage Idrocompresso machine that will be brewing my coffee in Smitten. While I was wiling away time at a table right opposite this machine, I saw a coffee legend, Gwilym Davies, 2009 World Champion Barrista, walk right into Smitten. Folks from Smitten recognized him and started to host him around sharing experiences and techniques about the use of the Mirage Idrocompresso. Here's a shot of Gwilym playing with the Mirage machine in Smitten. 

Right behind the counter are shelves displaying the tea pots and coffee filters that they sell too.

If you don't like to be engulfed by the fragrance of coffee aroma inside then cafe, better chope your seats outside as the cafe can get quite crowded.

60 Robertson Quay
#01-11 The Quayside


red fir said...

Oh so that's you. (:

So many indie coffee joints are opening up these days and bloggers are all blogging about them. You have visited many too. (:

Unknown said...

O yes ... I'm a slave to caffeine. May as well go try them all :)


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