Monday, March 5, 2012

Hospital Food wasn't as bad as I thought.

To those who have been serious about following my food diary, my apologise. Too busy right now. My baby boy has arrived after 9 years of marriage and I'm now busy showering attention on my child and most importantly HY who has been braving it through the 37 weeks. 

For the last 4 days and 3 nights, we checked ourselves in for "bed and breakfast" in Gleneagles hospital. I accompanied HY during her stay and cramped onto a make-shift bed that's too short for my 6 foot body. I always thought that hospital food sucks, totally inedible. However, I found out that the food was quite good so much so that I would rather stay and eat with my wife than sneak out to eat at the food court down stairs. Food here wasn't something that would make you want to check in just so that you can eat it but it was contrary to my negative thoughts. Wonder if every thing taste so good because I'm just made a proud father to a charming son. Here's a couple of dishes that was pretty good. 

Assam Fish Rice

Leg of Lamb


FoodieFC said...

Congrats on having an addition to your family!

I am shocked to see that there's Assam Fish Rice. Assam is supposed to be unhealthy and banned for hospital food right!?

And Leg of Lamb; western food in a hospital?!

this must be thompson medical hospital is it?

red fir said...


Never knew there is a "bed and breakfast" package for the father as well. :-)

Jer Lin said...

haha how is assam unhealthy? anyway, congrats!

Unknown said...

Thank You!

FoodieFC : I don't know if Assam is unhealthy but if they are serving it, it shouldn't be that bad. Classified under the Malay food category.

Ice : For "bed and breakfast" (more like bed and meals), we'll have to request and only for basic single room and any room class above that. Of course add some $$. It's worth while seeing how my wife is suffering so that I will appreciate her more.

Stargirl : haha I don't even know what's inside assam. All I know is that it taste good :)


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