Sunday, March 11, 2012

Orange Thimble ... can't stop eating their brioche

After Forty Hands appeared in the cafe scene in Tiong Bahru, a few more sprouted and one worthy of mention is The Orange Thimble. I have been in and out of Orange Thimble to enjoy good coffee while basking in air of creativity emanating from artworks displayed on the wall. Coffee perks up my brain and the creative little spaces inside the cafe became a place to visit when I want some quiet moment to think of solutions to my work problems. I never visit Orange Thimble during the weekend mornings when they are supposedly packed from serving breakfast. The evening between 5.30~6.30pm on a weekday is a good time when I can spend some quiet moments there.

"Solving work problem? That is more of an excuse to have the brioche", HY shot at me with disbelieve. A loaf like this is S$5. You can choose to try just 2 sections of the loaf at S$2. I was told very truthfully that they do not bake the brioche themselves but it was good. So good that every time I visit, I just ask for this and not try the other stuff.

Here's a look of the light and fluffy brioche when I pinch a big section off the loaf. As brioche is already a sweet bread, plus they add the sugar bits on top, there's no need for other condiments. I always like a cup of cafe latte without sugar to go with this. Love my bread fluffy and light so I thought this brioche is better than Wild Honey's (even though Wild Honey's brioche is delicious).

Here's the art pieces lining the walls for you to enjoy with your food and coffee. Even if you're not buying them, they may help inspire some creative juices in you if you bother to take a look at them.

This is what I meant as the 'little spaces' within the cafe. This is one of the little spaces and it's right at the rear of the shop space where you enjoy the outside air. 

56 Eng Hoon Street #01-68
Tel : +65 6223 8068

Opening Hours:
Tues~Thurs 11am~9pm
Fri~Sat 9am~10.30pm
Sun 9am~9pm
Closed on Mon.

Orange Thimble Website

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