Thursday, March 8, 2012

Katong Chicken Curry Puff came with that spicy aftertaste.

During the trip to replenish groceries at Marine Parade Central's Market, I spotted a curry puff stall that serves freshly made curry puffs. The stall seems to be there for a while. Well a friend said about 20+ years. When you only sell primarily curry puffs, the curry puffs should be quite good. So here's the popular curry puff stall in the Marine Parade Central, Katong Chicken Curry Puffs. Apart from curry puffs, they do sell their main ingredient and that's curry powder. I feel that it's worth the while taking some time when my baby's asleep to add this entry into this food diary, recommending this stall to folks who don't know that this stall exists. It's good curry puff and good curry puffs are hard to come by.

This 'Hot Hot Curry Pok' (a local term that means fresh and new) is made in small batches so that it fresh and hot to retain it's quality. The curry puff skin is likened to Old Chang Kee, crispy and golden brown. You notice the fold of the curry puff? My mother-in-law claims that Old Chang Kee's is too hard for her to chew. She'll tear off the folds of the skin. However, she said that Katong Chicken Curry Puff's is good as she can polish off the whole curry puff.

The filling is curried potatoes with chicken bits. If you like a spicy curry puff, you'll like this one. It's spiciness lingers for a while. The only down side is that you'll wish for more chicken bits.

Blk 84 Marine Parade Central
#01-132 Marine Parade Food Centre
Tel : +65 6440 1998


FoodieFC said...

Looks good! What a pity I live in the north. virtually never go to this part of Singapore. Unless i go East Coast Park

Unknown said...

Just remember to drop by the stall when you happen to be nearby :)


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