Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dough and Grains ... TCM Bread and Cakes causing a roar with the Capital 958FM crew

We had a great breakfast after our "walk and jog" at Tiong Bahru Food Centre and decided to take a walk to look at what's cooking in the new shop space along Seng Poh Road. We pass by the shop last night on our way to dinner at Abe's Diner. Folks seems to be rushing for some event. It turned out to be Dough & Grains opening. We have been indulged with the explosion of artisanal French bakeries in Singapore and for that matter, just right around the corner, Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier. Well, founder Coreen Wong started what I think being a first in Singapore .... Fancy a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) bread or Cake

Extol the goodness of TCM in a delicious bun or a cake. When I thought about TCM cakes and buns, I tend to associate it to the bitter, distasteful brews that mum pour out into porcelain bowls and that I gulp down holding the bowl in one hand while pinching my nose with the other. On the contrary, the cake that I ate was delicious. Maybe I just wasn't that adventurous and also I didn't have much choice. Aunties ahead of me snapped up most of the buns and cakes like they were FOC.

While I was there, the friendly Capital 958FM crew were at the scene. Some preparing the bakes, some helping to pack our orders and  the rest manning the cashier. At the same time, they were 'on air' while selling the bakes for a good cause. All items goes at $2 for today and the proceeds will go to charity. Check out the Capital 958FM Facebook Page for what's current.

There's still a queue even when there's nothing much on the counter.
It was like a war zone and this cake caught my eye. Limited edition 958 is all printed over it. 

This means Pine Nut and Banana Cake and this was what I got for myself and my parents to try.

A close up of the cake that was moist, mildly sweet and fluffy. This I brought to drink  kopi at Nylon. Pretty good stuff they got here. The egg tarts with 958 print was a best seller. Don't get to try any of that!

71 Seng Poh Road #01-35
Singapore 160071
Tel : +65 9846 6888

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