Monday, September 3, 2012

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables ... No other place in Singapore to dine with this much greenery

For folks who wine, dine and party in Mimolette before, you'll find Marmalade Pantry at The Stables familiar. Marmalade Pantry has set up shop in place of Mimolette. I always liked the setting of the place. It's an enclave that's hidden and definitely away from the bustle. At the Stables we get to share the greenery with the horses. The Riding School, the Saddle Club and Rider's Cafe shares the same enclave and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see the horses exercising or taking trainees around the area.

Look at the expanse of green. Nobody would have thought a haven like this would exist in a land scarce island like Singapore. The tranquility of the surrounding made breakfast or lunch a very relaxing affair.

At Marmalade Pantry at The Stables, the tables outside seemed to be more popular during the day as you'll be able to take in calming views of the green pasture.

As we stepped into the bistro, a happy sight of colourful Marmalade Pantry Signature Cup cakes welcome us. We knew that at least one of these will make it's way to our table for celebrating little Julien's six months of existence. Before desserts, our stomach needed some serious filling for lunch. 

Indoor  tables are more appropriate for family with kids. As the younger kids would be able to last the meal within comforts of the air conditioning.

Mushroom Soup. Nice

W's Seared Scallop Linguine with tiger prawn bisque was delicious. The bisque dictated this dish and we all find it a tard too salty but overall it was still commendable.

J ordered the Classic Snapper Pie with fennel and mash thinking that it's not heavy. How can smooth mash as filling not be heavy? This bugger is definitely heavy on butter. The snapper was probably seared before mixing in the mashed potatoes and then sealed up with pastry films. Had a taste of the pie and it was yummy alright.

I chose the Truffled Field Mushroom Risotto. The risotto was done to perfect texture and the truffle flavoured broth was great. The extra touch of salt was probably the only misgiving for this dish else it would have been perfect.

HY ordered the Steak Sandwich with wasabi mayonnaise, caramelized onions. The recommendation was medium for the steak. Wasabi mayonnaise wasn't something common with steak but it did blend well. It was good.

We knew we had to get one of Marmalade Pantry's Signature Cupcakes for Julien's 6 months birthday. It has to be the Smores Cupcake picked by mummy HY as she loves marshmellows. There has been a mini explosion of cup cake shops near where I stay but I must admit that Marmalade Pantry's cup cakes remain one of the best.

55 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286846


FoodieFC said...

wow, time flies. I still remember you were still posting on the amazingly delicious food your helper cook during your wife's confinement period!

Unknown said...

Yeah man time flies :)


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