Sunday, September 23, 2012

梅光轩 Ramen Baikohken ... Asahikawa Ramen of Hokkaido

A choice of light dinner on Friday night led us to Ramen Baikohken in Takashimaya Food Hall after our moon cake shopping. As there are limited seats there was a queue but not a long wait as folks just eat and leave right after. The Takashimaya outlet is not the only one as Ramen Baikohken started their first outlet at North Canal Road. Their light soup base is prepared with pork bones, chicken bones and anchovies. The 3 main flavoring of Shio (Salt), Shoyu (Soya Sauce) and Miso is available.

HY and I had the Shio Char Siew Ramen. Finally, we're getting some ramen with light soup base that's still flavorful. Our recent encounters were usually the oily or thick broth kind but this is also due to the type of ramen that we ordered then. We love it here that the char siew was tender, the spring onion's piquancy and slight spiciness.

On top of that, the ramen was springy! Our glasses of chilled water was constantly topped up and that helped to tone down the typical saltiness of Japanese ramen.

391A Orchard Road
#B2-01-04 Takashimaya Food Hall
Ngee Ann City
Tel : +65 6235 3483
Ramen Baikohken Website

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