Friday, October 26, 2012

麗都飯店 Lee Do Restaurant ... Cold Crab's the reason why we're here.

I was Ade's birthday dinner and it's almost a crabby one for the last 3 birthdays for members of Eat Eat Eat club. It was Ade's great idea that we do crab birthday meals this year. Jane's was at House of Seafood, mine in Roland Restaurant and Ade chose hers to be at 麗都飯店  Lee Do (Cold Crab) Restaurant. There are several cold crab restaurats like Li Gui at Mosque Street or the Singapura Restaurant. Non of us tried Lee Do before and so here we are. Service was really good. Our plates were replaced by clean ones between dishes. The following shows the dishes that just skimmed the surface of what we actually ate but are highlights of the dinner.

Lee Do's Cold Crab was the one reason that we're here. We pre-ordered the crabs which we start tearing apart when everyone arrived at the table. The crab was chilled which was probably why it accentuates the sweetness of the crab. The pincer was the easy for us to pick at the chunky meat ...

... but I thought that the best part was the body where the crab roe mingled with the meat. Apart from the extra effort needed to separate the soft shell from the meat, which was well worth the effort, the meat we found here was especially tender and sweet. The chilli sauce as a dip didn't add much to the experience but the black vinegar did enhanced the sweetness of the crab. Negative thoughts of cholesterol intake were cast aside. Tonight we feast.

Steamed Threadfin Tail had a special preserved soy bean sauce with a sourish ring to it. It was appetizing. I had loads of the sauce on my white rice.

丽都虾卷 Lee Do Prawn Rolls

丽都虾枣 Lee Do Ngoh Hiang

61 Ubi Avenue 2 #01-13
Automobile Megamart
Singapore 408898
Tel : +65 6742 2181

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