Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oriole Coffee Roasters on a lazy Sunday morning

Before this start of specialty coffee craze, in 2009, Keith Loh,  owner of Oriole Cafe and Bar and the then  runner-up in the Singapore National Barista Championship was already there, seemingly waiting and maybe even inspiring and nurturing the explosion of the specialty coffee culture that we are seeing now. Oriole Cafe was then the place one would visit for a taste of good specialty coffee. After the opening of the Oriole Espresso and Brew Bar, there's now the Oriole Coffee Roasters that settles itself in a location that I would prefer over the former two. On a Sunday morning in Jiak Chuan Street, you could hardly hear much noise. All was nice and tranquil. Oriole Coffee Roasters was vacant and precisely why I chose to visit then. I'm sure the weekday work crowd would have packed the place to it's brim.

Walk right through the swivel door at the entrance, there's the smell of coffee and the longish space that opens up and the communal tables takes centre piece while the brew bar and the chic La Marzocco line one of the walls. A bright orange roaster sits happily right at the end. 

Among the dangling lamps that light up the place, you can spot interesting memorabilias like this kerosene lamp ....

... the tingkat ... and even the coffee sock hanging ...

Want some Guinness?

A well balance cafe latte to perk up our Sunday.

Our "Loh Di" bread with butter and sugar.

HY's gonna feed me a portion. Ummm ..... yum

My thick toast with truffle oil scrambled egg and chilled tomato slices. Truffle oil seems to make food taste so terrific. Need to get my hands on one small bottle.

On the 22nd of September, I saw this cheery orange roaster right at the far end of Oriole Coffee Roasters.

Looking out from our seats. The windows and door reminisce of the days when I was back in my grandfather's place.

Coffee Gadgets for Sale too!

Opting for a cool seat from inside looking out ...

Or the stools out there along the corridor or "five foot way", we locals call it.

10/10A Jiak Chuan Street
Singapore 089264
Tel : +65 6224 8131
Oriole Coffee Website

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m said...

love this place and its coffee!

but I was reminded (after seeing your pictures) that there were empty glasses on the table but I wasn't sure if there was any water available.


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