Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Swiss Bäcker ... A bread and pastry treat in Frankel Avenue

Our weekend breakfast ideas usually comes from HY for my mind gets clogged up every morning without coffee. She suggested The Swiss Bäcker on Frankel Avenue for a simple bread, pastry with coffee breakfast before we adjourned for our weekly groceries shopping. The artisanal bakery and gourmet cafe set itself alongside The Pepperoni. In the morning, Frankel Avenue was quiet and this made our breakfast all the more idyllic.

Here's my freshly baked Butter Croissant. Their version was very flaky and smell real good of buttery richness.

I always remember to ask for extra butter for my buttery croissant. I'm the dairy man! I feast on dairy produce!

Here's HY's Cinnamon bun that lets off the cinnamon flavor as we sink our teeth onto the softness of the bun.

We sat in the cafe beside where kids will love! Their own play corner.

As I  was at the counter ordering breakfast, I saw this Russian Stollen that enticed me to take home.

Here's the Russian Stollen which is brioche with raisins, cinnamon, almond paste and sprinkled with almond nuts. Had it with brewed coffee during tea time. Brewed coffee and the Russian Stollen were a formidable combination!

Here's how it looks on the inside.

97A Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458222
Tel : +65 6441 8766

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