Monday, December 10, 2012

Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster ... for the discerning coffee nut, it's a pleasure to fall into the Rabbithole in Central, Hong Kong

When you're a coffee nut within Central Hong Kong where Starbucks is common place and you're not inclined to conform, where would you go? The abundance of 師襪奶茶 'stockings' milk tea in Hong Kong or even the chi-chi-ness of Cova didn't quite quell that ringing for real coffee. With a tip off from the kind folks of Nylon Coffee and Roaster in Singapore, that need was satisfied at Rabbithole Coffee and Roaster and coincidentally within the confines of my favorite breakfast places inside Central Hong Kong. After a satisfying short pop into the Rabbithole, feeling satisfied, we walked a short distance to 威記 Wai Kei for congee and carrot cake. We fell into the Rabbithole and now we're back in Singapore to tell the story ...

Now you know that you're at the door steps. Rabbithole is opened 11am~7pm on weekdays. During the weekends they are opened at 8am.
Inside the Rabbithole, there's not only good coffee but also the spirit to proliferate the love of coffee. Coffee appreciation classes, cupping classes and even home barista classes are conducted in the premise.

They roast their own bean but not in the same premise. The White Rabbit House Espresso Blend and several single origins are on their retail rack.

Coffee gadgets are for sale too!

If you're nearby, why not hop over to try their robust cafe latte brewed with The White Rabbit blend that's sweetened with well foamed Kowloon Dairy Milk. It was my third day in Hong Kong and the last I had was coffee drowned in milk from a chain coffee joint. This glass of cafe latte was a vast difference in experience and a real kick ass coffee that perked me up from the gloomy weather.

I popped out of the balcony from the Rabbithole. As you can see, this is the Central Escalator where it cuts across Wellington street. Here's where you disembark to fall into the Rabbithole.

Rabbithole only serves coffee and a good one at that. If you'll like breakfast, there's plenty around. Just at Wellington street below the escalator you'll get Mak's wanton noodles. Further down at Stanley Street there's Wai Kei where I love the carrot cake. The popular Lin Heung Tea House is along Wellington Street and the Lan Fong Yuen is just one street away on Gage Street.

It was a pleasure to fall into the Rabbithole!

2nd Floor, 26 Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong.
Tel : 852 2581 0861


red fir said...

I love love Wai Kee's lor bak gou and congee! Are you posting soon?

Unknown said...

Yes posting soon but I ate nothing called lor bak gou :)

red fir said...

lol lor bak gou is carrot cake in Cantonese. (:

Unknown said...

oh yeah ... i did ate lor bak gou then haha


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