Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oldtown White Coffee, Playground @ Big Splash

After looking at the philosophy of Oldtown White Coffee, we'll realize why the Singapore outlets are located in Playground @Big Splash, Bukit Timah and Jurong Point. Probably these are the best locations in Singapore that the franchise can find to follow the tune of "Take Your Time". Our Saturday evening jogging appointment was at 4.30pm and we had about 2 hours of time to kill. So, Oldtown White Coffee @ Big Splash should be the best place to do just that.

Inside Oldtown White Coffee @ Playground Big Splash
The comfortable air conditioning naturally attracts most
people indoors. The three alfresco tables out side the cafe
was left vacant. Evening would probably be the better time
for alfresco in Singapore. Our afternoon sun melts you down.

My Ice Fire Polo Bun and White Coffee
HY and I ordered one of the Ice Fire Polo Bun
and we ended up having a second helping. This
means extra miles to put on our rubber later.

White Coffee (S$2.00/cup)
The White Coffee was fragrant and frothy. It boast
the use the Liberica, Robusta and Arabica beans
roasted with caramel which results in the aroma.
However, it still taste like instant 3-in-1 coffee
off the satchet. Even, the traditional, laid back looking
cup and saucer didn't help to correct these thoughts.

冰火蔔蘿包 Ice Fire Polo Bun (S$2.30)
This Polo bun taste real good. I don't know what element of
this bun made it "ice and fire", but this bun was actually the
蔔蘿油 Polo bun with butter from Hong Kong.

* Photos taken using Samsung Omnia Phone Camera

Address : Blk B Unit #01-08/09, Playground @Big Splash, 902 East Coast Parkway

Tel : +65 63444404

Country : Singapore

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Slurp said...

Ice, you are right I should have placed this in my Budget section ..... even though S$2.00 is too much for a satchet of kopi.


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