Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morton's The Steakhouse @ Mandarin Oriental

We have been pushing Morton's down the list of food places to visit and when we wanted to make a reservation it was full house. After 6 months, since we last talked about visiting Morton's, we finally got a table and really step into the place. It was a first time for me but not the virgin trip for many on the table.

Morton's ambience was casual. One can make it into the restaurant in jeans and polo T-shirt. I saw flashlights went off as the servers were busy singing birthday songs and taking photos while they were serving the guests. It looked like my kind of restaurant, casual, cosy and comfortable. Apart from that, Morton's must have been the favourite birthday restaurant. I counted about 8 times that the birthday song were belted out by the group of servers who should have already perfected the song. The following were our indulgence at Morton's .......

The Complimentary Onion Bread Loaf
Feeling starved? The super size onion bread loaf was big enough to fill
everyone up making sure we all had enough energy from making
stomach space the whole day in anticipation for this meal.

Prime Ocean Platter (Portion for 2) - (S$88)
M and C ordered this chilled version to share. Morton's offered the oven
baked version too. M loved his Alaskan crab legs especially.

Lobster Bisque (S$30)
About half the table have the lobster bisque. The bisque taste good but
HY commented that the one that we did with Chef Lino at Palate
Sensations tasted better with the grapefruit added into the bisque.

Our order being plated at the counter
The strip steak, the ribeye and the fillet mignon ....
We were seated near to the counter which we had the
full view of the cooking that was going on. Only one steak
chef dealt with our steaks. Chef Corwin Leong was the man behind
our steak. He carried a straight "non nonsense" face when
he was focussed on trying to get our steaks done to his best.
But I noticed he broke into an occasional smile when a server
carried a caucasian baby boy to looking at him cook over the counter.

New York Strip Steak, Signature Cut, USDA Prime (S$115)
S ordered this, the 20 ounce Signature cut, the biggest on our table.
I didn't try this as he was at the far end of the long table. This cut
looked double the thickness of the ribeye.

Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime (S$87)
M ordered the Prime rib that was only available on Friday
and Saturday but was told that they ran out of that cut. The ribeye
was the same cut but just a smaller sized Prime rib. This was grilled
to a medium plus. Although, I felt that it was a bit tough, it
tasted better than the fillet mignon probably due to more interlaced fats.

Single Cut Fillet Mignon, Bearnaise Sauce (S$79)
This was the smallest cut on the table. HY ordered a medium rare.

Sectioned Medium Rare Fillet Mignon
Sectioning the fillet mignon revealed the pinkish raw meat that was
tender and juicy but I thought was still not as tasty as the ribeye.

Jumbo Lobster Tail, Western Australia (S$110)
Everyone wanted big lobster portion but big lobster usually
come with tougher flesh like what I had. The taste was good
with the lemon and butter sauce. But the moral of the story,
"Eat Steak in a Steakhouse don't try your luck with
something that is not their speciality".

Sides : Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms and Spinach (S$16),
Potato Skins (S$16) and Macaroni & Cheese (S$22)

Potato Skins

Macaroni & Cheese

Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake
The hot chocolate cake was good. I thought the standard
was on par with the one we had at Laurent's Cafe.

Creme Brulee
The creme brulee here was very sweet and the caramelized layer
was pretty hard too. The raspberry became too sour relative
to the sweetness of the creme brulee.

Double Chocolate Mousse
S&J ordered this double chocolate mousse. I didn't get to eat
it. Just to let folks know it's available and how it looked like.

Service was good, not as prompt as I had expected it to be, but excusable as the steakhouse was packed. Overall, everyone enjoyed the dinner especially those that have been craving for good steak for a long time (I'm winking at W&J as I say this). Morton's is no doubt one of the best place to have steak in Singapore.

Address : Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 4th storey, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square

Tel : +65 6339 3740

Country : Singapore


red fir said...

You didn't mention your order. =)

Steakhouses are known to do good seafood too actually. I think the problem lies with the lobster, not with the cooking per se.

Unknown said...

I thought I mentioned that I ordered the lobster tail. But I went ahead and ate my wife's fillet mignon and my BIL's ribeye as well. The steaks were definitely the highlight. :).......


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