Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Exquisite Vegetarian from 靈芝 Ling Zhi @ Liat Towers

Ling Zhi is the vegetarian arm of the Tung Lok Group of restaurants. Although I eat vegetables, overall, I'm still a 90% carnivore. I agree that this is some kind of unbalanced diet. But after associating with some folks who shunned vegetables like it's some kind of pestilence, I never felt more balanced than ever. This afternoon, I suggested to have vegetarian lunch at Ling Zhi to commemorate the end of a 6 years commaradie of a vegan colleague.

We settled for the la carte buffet lunch (S$19.80++/per person) as most of us on the table wouldn't know what's good for us and a buffet buy us some margin for errors.

Ling Zhi did impressed me once again with the variety of presentations and taste that I wouldn't thought possible with non-meat ingredients.

泰式怀石沙拉 Chinese Honey Locust Salad in Thai style
This is garden greens with sliced fried fritters.

精心伴粉皮 Immortal Salad
Initially I thought the main ingredient to be thick translucent
vermicelli and someone pointed out to be that it was actually
a kind of seaweed. Interesting taste with the peaches.

五柳素鱼 Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Fish
It didn't look like fish or taste like fish, but this
fried beancurd roll that represented fish was quite good.

A close up of one slice of the "fish".

荔芋紫菜卷 Fried Mashed Yam and Seaweed Roll
I liked yam and this fried yam wrapped with
seaweed appeals to me.

日式天妇箩 Vegetarian Japanese Tempura

金枝玉叶 Vegetarian Satay
The satay sauce disguised all the mushrooms
and fried gluten underneath it.

宫保猴头菇 Sauteed Monkey Head Mushroom with Dried Chilli
This dish looked like sweet and sour pork and taste
like it except for the texture of the "pork" chunks that
were actually Monkey Head Mushroom.

一品豆腐 Stewed Beancurd with Mushrooms and Preserved Vegetables

罗汉斋煲 Braised Luo Han Zhai served in Claypot

法式乌冬 Fried Udon with Black Pepper

We got a 30% discount simply by using the Great Singapore Feast 2009 vouchers that we purchased from Restaurant Association of Singapore. Great Singapore Feast 2009 ends on the 31st October 2009 so go find out the participating restaurants and get your 30% discount!

I had definitely overshot my personal quota of vegetables in these couple of hours that would have normally took me a week to finish the same portion. Even though it was vegetarian food, the amount of carbo intake did called for a session of jogging. The lack of meat did left me hungrier for some reason. Bet I'll go for a meat onslaught during dinner time.

Cost : S$19.80++ per person excluding 30% discount from Great Singapore Feast 2009 promotion.

Address : 541 Orchard Road #05-01/02 Liat Towers

Tel : +65 6734 3788

Country : Singapore

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