Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Black White Cut" 黑白切 street food ... Taipei - Taiwan

傳紋小吃 Chuan Wen Eating Place is a small shop along Lane 216 of Zhong Xiao East Road, Section 4, specializing in 黑白切, "Black and white cuts". When you look at the dishes you'll understand why the name. We ordered a table full but I'll just highlight the few that were more outstanding. I never knew fresh chilled bamboo shoots tasted this sweet when complimented with mayonnaise. Minced pork belly rice was mostly savory and the fats made the meat all the more tender.The Century Egg with Silky Tofu and Bonita flakes was most interesting to me. These 3 ingredients were mixed up in gravy. A mouthful of the mangled mess will get your palate the smooth texture from tofu, rolled up in the jelly-like century egg that gave that delightful "pungent" flavor that only most Chinese appreciate.

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