Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yakiniku Yazawa ... Haven't had such good beef since Kobe

I thought hopes of tasting good A5 Grade Wagyu Beef have escape me since the last time we dined at Wakkoqu in Kobe Japan. It was just last Friday, our "pak tor" day, a day free from the grapples of our baby, we rekindled the ecstaticism for the revered beef of Japan that we thought we had left in Kobe. Yakiniku Yazawa pride themselves for providing quality beef, unthawed, and freshly shipped chilled to Singapore. It's really hard to beat Yakiniku Yazawa in serving high quality yakiniku. 

As we knew we were having Yakiniku, we ordered the refreshing Japanese Chilled Fruit Tomato which tasted especially sweet when complimented with the salt dip.

Here's our serving of thin cut A5 grade Tomo-sankaku, the bottom round cut from the Iwate beef. The Omega 3 interspersed fats created the juicy melting texture that blow you away. After our experience in Kobe, beef experiences at selected restaurants in Singapore had been good but nothing as spectacular until we tried this Iwate beef from Yakiniku Yazawa. Iwate prefecture in Japan produces the Maesawa beef which is the equivalent of the Masakusa beef from West Japan. The A5 grade Iwate beef was indulgence that may be better consumed in small portions and we really got them in a small portion. I would really like to have more but the button at my jeans that pressed hard against my belly told me otherwise.

We also ordered the Jo Kalbi which was part of the short ribs that wasn't as rich (so wasn't as costly) as the tomo-sankaku but was marvelous too.

For the tomo-sankaku, we were instructed to cook the beef 3 seconds on each side. It was eye-brows raising indulgence at its best!

Just to add more carbo so that we don't break our banks, we ordered the potato salad that was tasty and I liked it that fried shallots was added as topping.

We shared a serving of the Wagyu Curry and Rice. What you see is the half portion that they have split up for us.

We need some soup to wash down heatiness from the grilling and the Egg Soup with Beef Cubes did the job. 

11 Unity Street
#01-01 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel : 6235 2941
Yakiniku Yazawa Website

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