Saturday, June 23, 2012

Liberty Coffee for Pauline's Cakes or Terence's Coffee?

Liberty Coffee opened its doors for the weekend again ... It's "Enter At Liberty" Time. The last time we were here, there weren't much cakes left so this time we arrived early. HY and I were eyeing for the cakes that we missed the last time to compliment the consistently robust Speakeasy Blend Cafe Latte. 

This was Gula Melaka Pandan Cake that made us return. The last time I don't get to eat this. This time, its got to be on our table. The fragrance of pandan cannot be miss. The cake was moist, the gula melaka  that came with the grated coconut was spread over the pandan cake and then topped with pistachio. It's a must try! My personal favorite among the cakes.

We had the very citrus Orange Cake with Lemon Curd as well. It was soft, light but the lemon curd outshined the orange flavor.

We had the Gula Melaka Pandan Cake too many times that we decided to do a quick change of orders when we saw the Orange Poppy Cake. The cake was light and soft. The orange citrus flavor married well with the sweetness of the cake. Poppy seeds dispersed in the cake made it look more appealing but didn't add to the flavors though. With the cakes that Liberty dished out, HY and I just wonder nowadays we're here for Terence's coffee or Pauline's cakes. -  Updated 18th August 2012 

We got a slice of Carrot Cake too. The portion wasn't as big as the two layered ones we see at Cedele but I thought the portion ws perfect when you want to try more varieties of cakes that Liberty Coffee served. It was moist but I prefer it to be a little more moist.   Updated 18th August 2012 

The colorful Liberty Coffee Airscape Containers are available for retail and for you to store your beans

131 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218409
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Liberty Coffee said...

Thanks for visiting again! Glad you got your fix as we may not be opening for another 2 weeks.

red fir said...

Curious here. Do you always go for double shots in your latte? So out of the so-many-cafes you've visited, which one is your favorite for cuppa? Food & sweets not included. :-) Maybe you could do a round-up.

Unknown said...

Liberty Coffee : Glad that I ate the Gula Melaka Pandan Cake. Yummy!

Ice : Nope don't always go for double shot unless I absolutely need them. Some coffee bars like Jewel and Liberty serve double shots as a standard. At the moment, I like the 5 oz El Primero from Nylon and the double shot Speakeasy cafe latte from Liberty for the robustness of their blend which shines through the sweetness of the milk yet maintaining balance. Strangers'Reunion's Magic is the only one I'll drink in Strangers' now as Ryan's control of the double ristretto gives you an intense oomph and yet totally taking care that bitterness doesn't show it's tail.


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