Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Combat"ing Durians at Combat Durian ... with Butter Mao Shan Wang 牛油猫山王 and King of the Kings 皇中皇

Whenever, it's the durian season, I'll envy the Malaysians because I think I'm forking out big money for durians. Instead of the usual 717 Trading, I went to pay Combat Durian at Balestier Road a visit. The durian stall is located right outside the Tua Pek Gong Temple and is popular for their Butter Mao Shan Wang 牛油猫山王 and ...

... their King of the Kings 皇中皇.

There are tables and chairs if you'd like to eat the durians on the spot. Normally, I would prefer to do that as you can dispute the lousy durians and exchange for a good one immediately. This time I did a takeaway to whet the appetites of the most important women in my family ... my wife, my mum and my MIL ... (sorry sis you're too far away to be important for the moment).

I brought home 1 King of the Kings 皇中皇  and 3  Butter Mao Shan Wang 牛油猫山王. The bigger one on the left was the King of the Kings that was suppose to taste more bitterness with the sweetness as compared to the Mao Shan Wang on the right.

On the other hand, the Butter Mao Shan Wang was smooth and absolutely creamy and as rich as butter as it claimed. The ladies at home were happy with this.

This was the disappointment, the King of the Kings that I bought ... Big doesn't equal good. The flesh was a bit hard, it wasn't bitter and the sweetness wasn't as intense as the Mao Shan Wang. It tasted like an average durian. I've taken a pinch at a small bit and thought it was good. When I reach home, I find`the rest  of the durian was a disappointment. I think I'll stick to the safer Mao Shan Wang next time and also I shall not ask for a bigger durian.

249 Balestier Road
Singapore 329708
Tel : 9278 9928
Combat Durian Facebook

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