Saturday, September 22, 2012

Having yummy wanton noodles at 豐記燒臘 Foong Kee Roast @ Foong Kee Coffee Shop

The little side streets in Chinatown are teeming with good food if you are adventurous enough to explore. I was in Keong Saik Road this afternoon to settle lunch at 豐記 Foong Kee after dropping some moon cakes to my parents-in-law who live nearby. Foong Kee Wanton Noodles is known to serve good wanton noodles in Singapore. After trying the wanton noodles, both HY and I gave Foong Kee thumbs up.

Here's my plate of wanton noodles with the char siew that Foong Kee roast themselves. The noodles  was springy and the gravy for the dry version was light yet flavorful. The shrimp and pork filled wanton was tasty but nothing particularly special though.

HY didn't really like the 50% fat 50 % lean char siew that was served to us. I thought it was pretty good though. Fats made the char siew more tender. Thumbs up.Thumbs up! :)

6 Keong Saik Road
Tel : +65 9181 1451


FoodieFC said...

wow, such big chunks!

Unknown said...

Yeah they are generous with their char siew


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