Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jin Hock Seafood ... interesting chi char discovery heartland style

Friday evening ... HY and the girls were having a good time in a cafe at Serangoon Gardens ... I was still wrapping up the the office. "Think of a Chi Char place for dinner" came a Watsapp message. As I was rushing out to go meet HY and the girls, thinking if I'll ever get a cab at all, a colleague offered me a ride to Ang Mo Kio. I'm in luck, I thought. As I'm gonna be dropping off in Ang Mo Kio, I searched for food in Ang Mo Kio in the HungyGowhere iPhone app. Jin Hock Seafood popped up. Ang Mo Kio is not my turf so I just go with the flow and be adventurous. Good or bad, I'm dragging the gals down with me. Jin Hock is more of a chi char stall tucked inside a coffee shop along Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. The coffee shop is located among the HDB flats nearby.  It's definitely heartland style and there was even the 7th month celebration nearby with Hokkien opera playing in the background. Jane who is living nearest to the area didn't know about Jin Hock. I found out later that Jin Hock Seafood have outlets in Bedok and Tampines too. Anyway, we were in for a treat despite the fact that dinner venue was proposed out of convenience from an instant internet search.

Here's the Crispy Seafood Duck's Crepe that has a mixed of fish paste and duck meat that was deep fried with bean curd skin. You know how appealing fried food can be and this one was simply marvelous even without the mayonnaise dip! Sambal chilli lovers have to compliment their chilli with this dish.

We ordered another of their signature dish, the Thai Style Pig's Trotter. The pig's trotter was crispy on the out side and the meat was tender on the inside the it fell off the bone when we forked it or just dig at it with our spoons. The Thais style chilli sauce was drizzled over it. It would have preferred the exterior of the trotter to be crispier and more savory. That would have made it perfect for me.

Please admire the tender juicy trotter that exposed by just forking and digging. No knife needed.

When the Steamed Grouper with 'Cai Poh', another signature of Jin Hong was presented, we were impressed by the sight of the fried Cai Poh generously heaped over the fish. Reminded me of the presentation of the Crab that we had in Wan Chai Hong Kong. The fish was nice and tender but we weren't really impressed as the fried Cai Poh didn't really gel well with the steamed fish. I thought stir fried cai poh would have done the job for me.

Vegetable was delicious as the 'wok hei' was really good. The addition of the mushroom added fragrance and texture while the dried shrimp provided the final "stamp, chop, approve" from us.

446 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1653
Tel : +65 6455 7274
Jin Hock Seafood Facebook Page


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Chanced upon your blog and I really like it! This recommendation looks good! I'm going to try it since we live really nearby..

Unknown said...

Glad you like it. Enjoy! :)

Thomas said...

You gave 2 addresses ...446 and 466. I think the correct one is 446.

Unknown said...

Hi Thomas, Got it corrected. Thanks. Hope it didn't cause you any inconvenience.

Thomas said...

Just for info.

I went today 21 Sep 2012

Jin Hock folded.

Unknown said...

Serious! That's fast. OMG ... business was pretty good.


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