Monday, January 5, 2009

ひさご Hisago, an 80 year old soba shop that has Oyako don as a crowd puller......... Kyoto, Japan

ひさご Hisago is located near to the 東山安井 main street. It is along the small street that will lead to the Yasaka Pagoda. The restaurant is not difficult to spot. When my wife and I walked into the small street from the main road, we see a line of hungry people waiting to get into the restaurant (See the photo above). This restaurant is famous around the region for its Oyako don. Hisago started business selling soba 80 years ago, however their oyako don is the crowd puller.

Oyako don is a Japanese rice bowl dish in which, chicken, egg, green onion and other ingredients are simmered in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice. Hisago's oyako don  has a special taste due to the herb that is added. This differentiates their oyako don with other places that sells the same dish. I like it that the egg is more damp than the usual stuff so that it can mix easily with the white rice. The rice when coated with the egg taste really good. The chicken chunks that are covered by the eggs are cooked just right, thus providing the tender texture which is complemented by the fragrance of the egg and herb.

Cost : 980 yen for one bowl of Oyako don

Some directions ......... From Yasaka Jinja shrine, exit from the south side of the shrine. The street that is running North-South direction leads to Hisago. Walk straight ahead for about 5 minutes and Hisago is on the left side of the street. Try to recognise the Hisago shop front in my first photo at the top as there's no English directions.

If you decide to go to Hisago on foot or by bus, when you see 東山安井 sign as shown in the photo, you are close ........

Address : Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Yasaka-Torii-mae-kudaru Shita-Kawaramachi 484

Opening hours : Daily 11:30am~7:30pm

Country : Kyoto, Japan

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