Saturday, January 24, 2009

同心居 Tong Xin Ju ........ Good Fried Dumplings 锅贴

Tong Xin Ju's may look a little the desolate when you walk up the stairs of the food centre and look at the stall front (see the photo I've captured below). There's no long queue but wait a minute ...... I hear the phone ring ....... "Huh..... 50 pieces of the Fried Dumplings" comes the voice of the uncle repeating the orders from a patron over the phone.

I came with my friends a bit earlier than 12 noon hust to avoid the crowd and managed to order a set of 10 fried dumplings, 10 steamed dumplings and a large plate of Peking fried noodle. Do call to order before coming to the stall, you may not be as lucky as us you know. After we're almost done with our fod we saw streams of people pouring into the 2nd floor and Tong Xin Ju has their orders all ready.

Most of the people will order the fried dumpling. After eating the few dishes that we ordered, I think their fried dumpling really is several levels ahead of their own other dishes. It's no wonder people can just sit around a table with only one heap of fried dumpling for lunch!

A close up of the fried dumpling. The meat is fresh and tasty .........

Cost : S$4 for 8 pieces of fried dumplings.

Address : 40A Commonwealth Avenue, #02-480 Commonwealth Ave Cooked Food Centre

Telephone : +65 6474 4803 or 9662 3501

Opening hours : 12:30 ~ 8:30pm Tuesday ~ Sunday (Closed on Monday)

Country : Singapore

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