Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow Wow West ........ Budget Western Food with big portions

Wow Wow West Western Food is in ABC Food Center was where I had my dinner last night. I'm finally here after hearing so much from my friend about the Wow wow West western food in ABC Food Center. I was standing right in front of the stall, looking at their food selection and not knowing what to order. The lady boss, Eric's wife, told me jokingly that they served ostrich meat too. I said OK and Eric immediately told me that they ran out but try their chicken chop instead. I liked their jovial and friendly way of doing business such that I ordered an extra cheese pork sausage. 

I realised that they served value for money portions after I saw my chicken chop (S$5) dished out to me. The black pepper gravy was nicely spread over the big piece of chicken chop.

This is the extra cheese pork sausage (S$3) that I've ordered. Although it's S$3, the sausage is big. It taste really nice with the cheese oozing out as you bite on it .....

A close up of the cheese sausage ..........

I recalled having eaten Wow Wow West Westen Food at Henderson Food Center and hence I was confused when my friend told me about a Wow Wow West western food in ABC. Right after I was back home and was trying to throw unwanted magazines away to clear up for the Chinese New Year, I saw a write up in a HDB's news letter. Wow Wow West was one of the stalls that was featured in the magazine.  It's only  after reading the article that I I realised what a nice person Eric is. He used to own the stall in Henderson Food Center which I had patronised before. At the Henderson stall, Eric trained ex-convicts in cooking and running the stall. After some years there, he decided to give his old cooking equipment and the let the workers that he trained take over the stall. That's how he ended up setting up his new stall in ABC food center. While I was waiting for my order, I still see him sternly instruct his workers, who are ex-convicts too,  how to cook my chicken chop properly.

If he's such a kind hearted and good natured person, I'm such he makes good food too!

Address : ABC Brickworks Food Center, #01-133

Opening Hours : 10:30am ~ 9pm. Closed on Sunday.

Country : Singapore

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