Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The "Elusive" Redhill Porridge @ Redhill Close Food Centre

Many Saturdays and Sundays, I had walked up to the Redhill Porridge stall and was baffled that they are always not opened. I thought it's another case of  "another one bites the dust". Contrary to my thoughts .........

It happened to be my off day this Wednesday and I walked to the same row of food stalls and was suprise that the queue leads all the way out the shelter of the food centre.

The queue ........

I joined the queue and counted that I was behind 10 people. The queueing was worth it as I have discovered the best porridge stall in the food centre. It was up till the point where I was near the front of the queue that it dawn upon me, the reason behind the "elusive" Redhill Porridge. A sign displaying "Closed during Saturdays and Sundays" was stuck onto the commercial fridge near the stall entrance. Saturdays and Sundays just happens to be the times that I frequent the food centre. On top of that, they are already closed for business even if I happen to pop by for lunch. That's why Redhill Porridge always stays closed for me .......... until today.

Here's my S$3.50 worth of Fish and Pork Porridge with egg. After mixing the porridge up, I realized that it's value for money. They are generous with the pork and fish. No wonder many old folks like to frequent the stall (of course most of them have the time to kill ... oops .... queue).

Here's my S$2 worth of raw fish.  They do provide quality raw fish for what S$2 is worth. Not stingy at all!

Here's the porridge menu as shown at the front of the stall

Pork Porridge                   S$2/3
Fish Porridge                    S$2/3
Fish + Pork Porridge       S$3/4
Raw Fish                            S$2/3/5
Add egg                              S$0.50

If you do not like your porridge to be too salty, please inform them while making your order and then add the soya sauce later to your liking. So, if your schedule is able to meet their business hours and you're a porridge lover, go try it.

Address : Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-90 Redhill Close Food Centre (Facing Redhill Close main street)

Opening hours : Mon~Fri, 6am to sold out (usually around 10am to 11am)

Country : Singapore


Anonymous said...

The porridge is DAMN GOOD. (Y)

Anonymous said...

It is open from 5.30am-8.30am(not a typo) for the past few months .


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