Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bistro Du Vin ....... Casual French Cuisine

Along Claymore Hill, strapped between Les Amis and La Strada, also part of the Les Amis Group, Bistro Du Vin is a bistro that serves casual French Cuisine. Les Amis group did spend some effort in getting the interior and furnishing to exuberate a casual French bistro feel. The red walls, the cosy lights, down to the checkered green and white napkins makes for the casual touches. Finally a French restaurant that you can walk in in your bermudas, T-shirts and feel absolutely comfortable without fear of being shown the door.

Inside Bistro Du Vin
Painted red walls, cosy lights, green and white checkered napkins,
the table and chairs all contributed in making it a casual French bistro.

Classic gratinated onion soup with gruyere cheese and croutons (S$14)
I don't know if this was the traditional French onion
soup but it definitely suited my taste more than the
traditional onion soup that I had in Picotin. The added cheese helped.

Fish soup served with croutons and
saffron-potato mayonnaise on the side (S$18)
This soup is more like a bisque but made with fish.
Dipping the croutons in the soup alone already satisfy me.

Crouton dipped in fish soup and topped with cheese shavings
Adding cheese shavings and the saffron potato mayonnaise
well surpassed my expectations for fish soup.

Cured Sausage Platter (S$25)
Spanish sausages : Chorizo, Lomo, Longaniza
(from furthest to the nearest)
I have to say these cured pork parts were good. The only pity,
they were too little for 4. I don't think I ate enough to
absolutely nail it as my killer dish of the night.

The Ham and Sausage room
which also served as the wine cellar.....
I'm glad they serve the Iberico de Bellota.
I will be back for some of these.

Kurobuta Pork with Rosemary Sauce (S$39)
I wasn't really happy that they served me the pork with Rosemary Sauce
when I pointed at the Kurobuta Pork with mustard sauce. I graciously
accepted but regretted immediately as the flavour from the cummin seeds
were too strong for me (and everyone on my table). That did it for me for
this dish. I should have stuck to something more French
than Kurobuta pork. Served me right!

Duck Confit (S$32)
HY pitied me and shared her duck confit with me. The only
flaw for this dish was the dry meat inside the crispy skin.
If this duck was cooked in its own fat, I thought that the inside
was over cooked. It was however, tasty in contrast to what I had.

I regretted not capturing W's steak frites or J's grilled fish. Obviously, the steak was one of the better mains for the night. Nevertheless, we made it up with the good desserts that followed.

Profiteroles (S$12)
Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with
warm chocolate sauce and almond flakes
HY loved profiteroles and I liked it that the choux was
soft yet not marshy when added to the melted ice cream.
We probably didn't allow the ice cream to melt fast enough.

Warm thinly crusted apple tart served with vanilla ice cream (S$12)
The apple tart was presented as thinly sliced
apples baked over a piece of filo and then sprinkled
with some icing sugar. The apple slices tasted nice
after being partially caramelised at the top edges.

I prefer The French Kitchen for the mains which is equivalent pricing. Although I might be biased after my wrong choice of mains. Despite my personal comments, the place was filled up that Sunday night. Wasn't I lucky to get a table from just budging into the bistro during lunch time to make a reservation for dinner the same day?

Bistro Du Vin is definitely not in the same league as Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, California (the only other French bistro that I visited before). The difference in the level of service and food is definitely noticeable. The prices that we paid in Bistro Du Vin isn't significantly lower though.

1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #02-12
Tel : +65 6733 7763
Bistro Du Vin Website


red fir said...

I like the chorizo. Longaniza tastes like lup cheong, chinese wax sausage haha. My fish was good though, meaty yet tender & nicely flavorsome.

Unknown said...

Lup cheong is a bit sweeter. I ought to go there sometime for the Iberico ham.


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