Sunday, August 23, 2009

泸膳坊 Ye Shanghai Kitchen @ Bukit Timah

I had tried visiting Yan Qing's Shanghai Kitchen several times at Bukit Timah and found the restaurant either closed or under renovation. This Saturday evening I managed to call and get a reservation. However, when I was there, I realized that the restaurant has changed name. It was no longer Yan Qing's Shanghai Kitchen but Ye Shanghai Kitchen even though the phone number still remained the same. I heard that there was some story behind the name change but sorry I'm not interested, I'm here for the food.

The food that we have selected were all the chef's recommendations in the menu. However, some of them were just of average standard.

茉莉花茶熏鱼 Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Fragrance Jasmine Tea
This appetizer really enticed us to the other dishes to come.
Although, there was only a faint hint of jasmine flavour,
the dish did came through as delicious. Chef's recommendation!

咸香虾球 Sauteed prawn balls with salted egg Shanghainese style
Similar dish of prawns coated with salted eggs seem
to be quite popular in recent years. I had first eaten this
in Hong Kong and some restaurants and still prefer
the Cantonese style. This dish do not taste as heavy
as the Cantonese version.

阿婆红烧肉 Grandmother's Stew Pork with Secret Sauce
This was the highlight of the night for me. This stew pork
belly was marvelous. A 'must try' for pork belly lovers.

A close up of the stewed pork belly
A full pot would have "killed" us by the sheer quantity. It was
about 1/4 filled. The pot was more for decorative purpose.

My stewed pork belly sandwiched in the bun.
We have to order a second serving of the buns
to finish off the stewed pork belly

芥兰四喜冬菇 Hong Kong Kai Lan with Exotic Mushroom
This dish is tasty yet light and a good change
to the strong flavored stewed pork belly we had.

There were some other dishes that we ordered includes, Fried Rice with Egg and Crab Roe, and Yellow Fish Soup which I thought just slightly more than edible standard.

It was quite disappointing that there weren't any dessert available that day. I don't mind patronising again as I thought I'll have to give the restaurant sometime to recover from their "fallout" and I'll have to choose the dishes more carefully the next time.

Address : No. 791 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01 (off sixth avenue)

Tel : +65 6463 2989

Country : Singapore

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