Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fusion French Fine Dining @ Jaan

Wagyu du Japon Grillé à la Plancha

Received a mid week sms from HY.
HY : Want to go Jaan this Friday for dinner? I have one for one with my card (refering to the Feed at Raffles card)
After checking on the internet about Jaan .....
Me : OK. 70 storey view shld be great.
HY : We go pak tor :)
After I found out that Jaan is a fine dining place but it's such a pity not snapping some food shots.
Me : Can I bring camera?
HY : I will check. You sound like an excited little boy.
Me : I m :P

Here we go for our 'pak tor' dinner at Jaan, a fusion French culinary experience created by Chef André Chiang.

We did not have much expectations to start with as we were not impressed with fusion cuisine that we had before. However, the experience was so much better than we expected. Our dinner runs with the fusion tune of French, Mediterranean style with Japanese ingredients.

Our Amuse Bouche
Sea Trout with tomato and cucumber. This didn't amuse
us as much as the goodies that were to come.

Breads to fill you up ......
Olive bread on the left, onion bread on the right
and the rich but lightly salted butter in the background. HY
was usually cautious of her carbo intake but
the olive bread was hard to resist a second helping.


Marriage d'Oursin de Méditerranée et Araignée de Mer
Servi en Trois Températures (S$56)
Symphony of Mediterranean sea urchin and Alaskan
King Crab Served in three temperatures and kaffir lime consomme

First Temperature : Sea urchin and minced king crab roll
Refreshing taste of the sea with the king crab and the sea urchin

Second Temperature : Sea urchin topped over croutons
served with a cup of clear crab soup. The crab soup was
paired well with the croutons.

Third Temperature : King crab served in Sea Urchin shell
and topped with crab flavored emulsion. It was amazing
that the foam stayed intact the whole time we took to finish
the sea urchin and crab in the first two temperatures.

Déclinaison de Foie Gras " Création du Moment"
Accompagne une Salade d'Herbes Fraiches (S$58)
"Creations of the moment" foie gras in multi textures
Accompanied with baby herb salad.

First Creation : Foie Gras pate cut into cubes that made it
look like I was eating kueh lapis and cheese cake. The presentation
was good and the slightly chilled foie gras rich and creamy.

Second Creation : Thin slice of foie gras sandwiched between
two wafers with a cup of foie gras jelly. Would you have
thought that I was having a coffee break? The wafer
taste good when dipped with the foie gras jelly

Third Creation : Baked foie gras. This was like the
finale, a climax to a very exciting movie. It'was lightly salted
with frgrance of the almond nuts. My favourite
among the three creations.


Wagyu du Japon Grillé à la Plancha, Feuille de Quinoa,
Asperges Poché au Lait, Gratiné Aux Dragées (S$138)
Oven baked Japanese Wagyu, summer asparagus poached in Brebi milk.
Toasted almond dragée, truffle egg Marmalade

The three little chunks of wagyu with the truffles at the side.

A close up of the perfectly grilled Wagyu. HY had found her most
satisfying beef dish for 2009 and noted that W and J would love this dish.

Araignée de Mer Grillé, Risotto et ses
Rissoloes Croustilantes (S$88)
Grilled Alaskan snow crab on baby leek risotto,
Pernod étrille emulsion and Crispy rissoles

The risotto infused with minced king crab and
topped with a crab leg. There was no escaping from
the explosion of natural sweetness of the King Crab.

Crispy Tomato filled Rissoles. I don't know that tomato
can be deployed so tastefully into a spring roll until today.
This was one of the side dish that I liked.


Snickers version 2009 (S$22)

I was tickled by the name of the dish and decided to
order this signature dessert. The manager immediately
told me not to expect a Snicker bar but Snicker ball.

This Snicker ball may have the same basic ingredients
as the Snicker bar but the taste is so much smoother,
refined and not so hard on your teeth.

"Tarte au Citron" sur Mini Churros,
Granité de Campari-Pomplemousse (S$22)
"Lemon tart" on mini churros,
granité of pink Campari-grapefruit

Complimentary desserts ....
Financier, tasty but OK. Macarons, also pretty nice
Strawberry Lollipops, the strawberry sorbet melts
once we get through the white chocolate exterior. But, the
best were hidden inside the bland looking slices of
chocolate. When the the chocolate melts, the fizzling candy
bits started popping in our mouths. Two thumbs up!

Service was flawless and I was actually encouraged to take as many photos I liked.

Fusion food did not appeal to us before until now. Whether was it Chef André creativity doing a perfect job on us or our choice for the food from the menu were totally tuned to our taste buds, we did left Jaan with total satisfaction, even without taking into account the breathtaking 70th floor Marina bay view (minus the constructions for the Integrated Resorts).

Address : Level 70, Equinox complex, Swissotel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road,

Tel : +65 6837 3322

Country : Singapore


KennyT said...

Sounds like a nice place for pak tor, haha

red fir said...

Wow. Must be have been a great experience. :)

Unknown said...

To Kenny : Definitely a pak tor place and certainly one to impress. Need to bring more dough though. I wouldn't be there if not for the 1 for 1 discount we had.

To ice : Yes it was, especially when we did not have much expectations in the first place.

Miranda said...

I do not know where to start...
These dishes are amazing!!!

I would have such a blast trying all that food!!


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