Monday, August 10, 2009

Gusttimo's Gelateria ...... How can one not "pay toll" with that many flavours to choose from

Gusttimo has a trattoria and a gelateria in the latest craze inside the Orchard Road shopping belt, Ion Orchard. We can call a pass on the trattoria but how can we resist the 32 flavours of gelatos beckoning to us. How can any gelato lover not stop by to pay toll?

The Regular Cone Picolo (S$6.40)
This came with a choice of 3 flavours. We wanted
only one flavour but was told that we have to take all 3.
A really interesting rule indeed. Here's our colorful
picolo with strawberry, mango and lemon flavours.

Address : 2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard, Level 1, #01-17

Tel : +65 6509 9380

Country : Singapore


Anonymous said...

Looks very good! I could so go for some mango...

Unknown said...

The mango flavor taste good. I most liked it when I had a bite with the mix of the lemon, strawberry and mango gelatos. Slurp!

Camemberu said...

LOL@pay toll!
Yes, the gelato is good.

Nice posts you have here, I'm adding you to my blogroll!

Unknown said...

To Camemberu : U r most welcome. Always love the photos you've taken in your blog.

Anonymous said...

horrible service and pretentious management- refer to


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