Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ah Hock Fried Oyster Omelette @ Whampoa

If you are an 'Or-ah-Jian' (fried oyster omelette) fan, Whampoa Drive food centre is one of the place to drop by. My lunch kakis and I came to Whampoa a few times. Usually Ah Hock Fried Oyster was not opened until 1pm although the stall should have been opened according to their 'official' time. This time we were lucky that they started business on time. There wasn't any queue and the wait was not long at all.

Being a self-proclaimed oyster omelette aficionado, I thought Ah Hock's version of the fried oyster omelette was crispy but not as crispy as
Nam Heng's (at Simon Road) and definitely not as greasy. The main ingredients of this Teochew/Hokkien dish are eggs, starch and oysters. I like more crispy eggs, less of the tangy starch and Ah Hock do make them according to my preference. The size of the oysters was not too small by Singapore's oyster omelette standards. I find the portion a bit small for the price we paid as Ah Hock want us to stay away and be healthy. I made this up.

For the ultimate enjoyment of this dish, eat on the spot. Don't do take aways if you can help it. The visual effects of 'takeaway' oyster omelette can sometimes be enough to stop your stomach from growling. Imagine oysters and eggs swimming in a pool of oil.
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-54
Whapoa Drive Food Centre


Anonymous said...

i tried this one but still prefer ACHUAN at Toa Payoh Lor 7 Kim Keat Food center...
you have been to places i have also visited.. i just find it funny:)

Slurp said...

I need to visit Ah Chuan one day.

It's just that you've covered all the places that I've covered so far and more than that :)

Great tales from your blog!


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