Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY Pineapple Tarts from L.E. Cafe vs Mum and Dad Dearest's

20 pieces bottle cost S$20.80

When you see me and HY, our outfit doesn't tell you that we are the ‘老款’ traditional type. However, when it comes to following CNY traditions, may be not all of them but peculiar ones that we think significant, we got all ‘老款’ traditional. Of all these traditions, we think the most important one revolves around showing respect for the elders. We would like to send good wishes to our elders at home with mandarin oranges and shower them with New Year goodies as a show of respect. It's an annual affair that I send these CNY goodies to my elder family members. 

These typical CNY goodies are things like Abalone, Bird's Nest, BBQ Pork Bak Kwa, and also the highlight of this entry ..... Pineapple Tarts.  

It has become an annual ritual to call to reserve a few bottles of the "creme de la creme" of pineapple tarts from L.E. Cafe, also popularly know as the "Golf Balls" of L.E. Cafe. I know that HY, my SIL and my PIL particularly liked them. After ordering these pineapple filled "golf balls" for several years, you'll learn to start reserving at least 1 month in advance. These "golf balls" are very well sorted by many to tee-off the New Year that if you're calling in for reservations less than a month from CNY (Chinese New Year), forget about calling the flagship outlet in Middle Road. Try calling the branches in Cambridge Road or Veerasamy Road and see if there's any left for you. Like Bak Kwa, as the collection dates for these pineapple 'golf balls' get closer to CNY, the prices get slightly higher.

L.E. Cafe's "Golf Balls" have that flaky buttery crust and
these balls are really the size of golf balls.

A close up the L.E.'s Golf Ball of a Pineapple Tart with the Golden crust
filled with "旺来" to usher in the New Year

"旺来", the pineapple paste, inside the "Golf Balls"that was so packed
 that it got so intense when you reach the core.

L.E. Cafe's golf balls are good. That's why I'll make it a point to get that few bottles to please my love ones. However, good these are, I don't think they beat the ones that I thought are most customized to my taste, the ones that my Mum and Dad bake for me. They know I am a sucker for pineapple tarts and throughout the years of my "feedbacks", whether they took it well or not, they've finally made THE ONE that's optimal to my taste. The crust have to be buttery rich. Checked. The crust should be just hard enough to be held between the thumb and the fore finger before popping them into my mouth. Checked. The crust needs to melt-in-your-mouth. Checked. The pineapple filling not too sweet. Checked. Mum and Dad make their own pineapple paste from fresh pineapple instead of buying the ready made ones. Nothing beats this pineapple tart that's not available out there. Thanks Mum, Thanks Dad. Happy New Year!

The bottle of open faced, traditional pineapple tarts
from my Mummy and Daddy Dearest.

I opened the cap of the plastic container and a whiff of buttery fragrance
hit me first,  followed by the sweet smelling pineapple.

The Perfect Pineapple tart that's just for me.

For all the "旺来" pineapple tart fans, 發啊! HUAT AH!

L.E. Cafe
264 Middle Road
Tel : +65 63372417


red fir said...

Happy new year!

Unknown said...

Ice : Happy New Year to you and your family!

myfoodsirens said...

Wow your parents' pineapple tarts look so good! Like professionally made :)

Happy bunny year! We are all gonna have a good year ahead!

Unknown said...

They sure are comparable to the best out there! Happy New Year to you and your family Qiuyi.


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