Sunday, February 20, 2011

くふ樂, 炭火串烧厨房 Kuuraku @ Ginza, An Enjoyable Sumiyaki Experience- Tokyo, Japan

We didn't seem to get our fill of sumiyaki in Tokyo this last trip, or rather, I was really sore over bring William and Joanne to the Nanbantei in Shibuya and then having a rather unsatisfying, mediocre sumiyaki experience (actually I was the only sore one). Dinner in Kuuraku @ Ginza was definitely the saving grace before we hit back to Singapore the next morning. All we need to do was to just ask the concierge. Should have just do that before we head out for meals without much research and pre-planning. Even though the service staff in Kuuraku didn't really understand English, and there's no English menu to help the situation, we did manage to order a table of delicious sumiyaki by finger pointing through the illustrations in the menu. All throughout the ordering ordeal, the waitress was totally polite and enthusiastic even though we didn't understand 90% of what she was trying to tell us less the occasional, "tsukune", "kurobuta" intersperse within the "dialogue". It's more like she's telling us and we nod our head whether we understand or not and do a lot of finger pointing. That was fun!

Chilled Hokkaido Tofu with Sea Salt. - I love tofu and I had to order this.  The Hokkaido tofu was very smooth and had a scent soya fragrance as I bring a scoop near to my mouth. I tasted the simple soya richness without adding the salt and itwas already good enough for me. Adding the salt did enhance the taste though. The rest on the table wasn't too keen on this dish, so I gladly take most of it.

Deep Fried Onion - This seemed to be the dish to order as this tastefully presented fried onion flower appeared on almost every table in the restaurant. Absolutely crispy, a sprinkle of salt almost greaseless presentation made this a mouth watering appetizer. It looked good and certainly taste good! 

Grilled Chicken Wings - This was so hot that it's the only 2 pieces we can get hold of. They were sold out! These chicken wings were grilled to perfection and the salting done so deftly that it taste so good.

Chicken Skin - Taking the chicken skin apart and having them on its own used to be unacceptable. But now, everytime  I have sumiyaki, grilled chicken skin will be one of the dish that's  needed on the table. Ignoring the health warning about eat overeating this dish, if done well with that crispy, slightly charred, savory taste, chicken skin stands out as a delicacy on it's own.

Tsukune - which is chicken lump on a stick was coated with yakitori sauce and then grilled to form a pretty delicious brown glaze.

We dip our Tsukune into the raw egg which tones down the sweetness of the yakitori sauce and added an extra eggy fragrance.

Kurobuta Pork Belly - Kuuraku heaped some grated radish and sprinkled some spring onions over the grilled kurobuta pork belly that they served. The kurobuta was tender and smelled of the fragrance from the pork fats that was heated by coal fire.

On the left was the bacon wrapped Japanese cherry tomatoes and on the right was cheese wrapped mochi sticks. The tomatoes were sweet and the bacon gave it the contrasting savory taste. The mochi wrapped with cheese was something that I didn't get to eat in Singapore. The tangy texture of mochi with the semi melted cheese made it fun to munch on and taste good.

Shoyu Onigiri - We were recommnended the onigiri, Japanese rice lump, that was grilled with some shoyu until the exterior was just slightly charred and crispy. This was simple but really good!

〒104-0061 中央区銀座1-16-1 東貨ビルB1F
Tel : 03-3538-6226
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Kuuraku Website


mr. pineapple man said...

oh goodness, everything looks so delicious!

Unknown said...

Oh Yes .... Food's delicious and service tip top even though we don't understand what they are trying to tell us.


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