Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kith Cafe .... a really chillax place for my cuppa

Kith Cafe is definitely one of the cafes that I would like my cafe latte. Their milky rich latte that fits my preference aside, it has that chill out factor that makes having that cuppa all the more enjoyable.

Kith Cafe is located at the first floor of Watermark @ Robertson Quay, a district 9 private apartment that's located along the Singapore River. There are several Ikea stools and coffee tables set-up along the pillars that lined the corridor. All these seats have river facing views making it an idyllic spot for enjoying the coffee while catching up on some leisure reading. It's a popular cafe where many caucasians congregate and some can be seen with their dogs.

Our 2 cups of latte with heart shape coffee art was really appropriate to welcome Valentine's day that's around the corner. I just love the milk rich cafe latte that Kith Cafe serve.

The Grillled Banana Bread is one of the popular items in the cafe. I can't help noticing that there were only a few slices left and just have to try them.

Our plate of Grilled Banana Bread that's served with fresh cream. It's soft, slightly moist and totally bananas!
The only one flaw I can notice is that when the kitchen got busy, it's just impossible for me to sit inside the cafe with the grease filled air. Alfresco seats are the best in Kith Cafe but they're really limited.

7 Rodyk Street
Watermark @ Robertson Quay #01-33
Tel : +65 63419407
Kith Cafe Website

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