Tuesday, February 15, 2011

夏宫 Summer Palace in Regent Hotel for Reunion Dinner

Whenever Chinese New Year is arriving each year, I always feel a sense of gratitude towards my parents-in-law. They are very nice folks who has 2 very bright daughters and I'm very fortunate to have one of them married to me. I noticed that many of my friends who have to rush to have 2 reunion dinners with 2 sets of parents all on the same day and they have my sympathy because I'm that fortunate son-in-law that didn't have to eat 2 reunion dinners in a single day. Yeah!

Reunion dinner with my parents-in-law usually takes place the weekend before the eve of Chinese New Year. Nowadays, we'll eat out and spare MIL the hassle of sweating over what dishes to cook for us. For many Chinese, especially the elder ones, they wouldn't understand why their kids could not spend reunion dinner with them on the exact eve of Chinese New Year. For this leeway, THANK YOU MUMMY and DADDY (referring to my PIL).

This year HY suggested Summer Palace 夏宫 in Regent Hotel. We ordered a la carte dishes off the Chinese New Year menu. These dishes had glorified auspicious names to match the CNY season. This Reunion dinner gave me an experience of the food standard in Summer Palace. I don't think we ordered overly fanciful stuff for this reunion dinner but they all taste wonderful! I think I'll be back after the Chinese New Year Season.

风声水起 三文鱼鱼生 Prosperity Salmon Fish Yu Sheng 


大鹏展翅 Double Boiled Shark's Fin with Conpoy, Fish Maw and Chinese Cabbage

事事顺景 Stir Fried Prawns with Sweet Bean and Black Bean Sauce

运转乾坤 Homemade Beancurd with Seafood in Claypot

贺岁年年 Sauteed Garoupa Fillet with Lotus Root and Black Fungus in Spicy Sauce
One Cuscaden Road
The Regent Singapore
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