Sunday, November 6, 2011

Botak's Backyard ... Latest Botak's concept, from heartland to woodland

I've visited Botak Jones several times at their Clementi and the Depot Road outlets and really liked their concept of bringing restaurant style Tex-Mex food to the heartlands. Being in the heartlands brings the primary operating cost, space rental, down to a level that makes it viable to pass on less of the operating cost to diners. And when you operate in coffee shops, people will not bother too much about service as long as the food is relatively cheap but good. This has been the recipe of success for Botak Jones. After Botak Jones, several indie Western food stalls try to start up, mimicking this F&B model. Now, Botak has transcended and decided to go from heartland into woodland and in the form of Botak's Backyard.

The 1 month old Backyard finds itself at Minden Road, close to the hip address of Dempsey Hill, yet not too close to provoke any direct competition. When we arrived, we find that the backyard was more of an extension of a shack right in the Tanglin Golf Course. Apart from serving similar Botak Jones food, there's also a bar serving alcohol.

To beat the Singapore heat wave, no air conditioners were installed but there were the lush foliage that gave most of the shade and the help of several ceiling fans helped a fair bit. We were here early to beat the Groupon lunch crowd and the place was as serene and quaint as was described in their website. That was all gone in a while when all tables were filled. Apart from Groupon promotions, check out their set lunches and neighborly discounts on their website.

This was the Sunrise burger that I ordered at S$13.30. Stacked up on the burger bun was the New Zealand beef patty topped with slices of Canadian streaky bacon, slices of cheddar cheese and a sunny side up. It's obvious why the burger is  called Sunrise.

After watching how Daniel Boulud cook a perfect burger, I guess Chef Boulud would say that the patty was too dry and not pink in the core. The bacon is suppose to be crispy not dry. However, I'm not complaining, I've got the Groupon voucher which I paid S$6 for S$14 worth. You know how to work the maths huh. Good deal. However, if I've got to pay full price, I think it'll be De Burg or Fat Boys any time.

For sides, I was recommended the fiery Stuffed Jalapenos. These Jalapenos were the real deal from Mexico, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and then deep fried with a coat of Japanese bread crumbs.

My colleagues who came with me all got to share a piece of this devil. I tricked them into thinking Jalapenos is Mexican cucumber. They took a bite and end up eating everything else but the Jalapenos. Huffing, Puffing, sweating and almost tearing .... More iced water please!

Botak's Backyard is not part of the BJ Pte Ltd but a franchisee of Botak Jones. Like all new restaurants, this backyard have teething pains. They were grossly short handed for the promotions that they are throwing out to attract us. I was told apologetically that 2 of their service staff did a last minute disappearing act on them. However, when I got the receipt, I liked what I see. Botak's Backyard do not charge GST or service charge. I do hope that they find time to look at the Daniel Boulud's Youtube clip that I embed above. If not, there's so many good burger places around to pose a challenge and I wonder if this backyard is up to it.

130E Minden Road
Tel : +65 6479 0388

Botak's Backyard Website 


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