Monday, October 31, 2011

雞窩 Ji Wo Claypot Chicken Soup for the soul .... Taipei, Taiwan

Chicken Soup is medicine, says US Scientists. If chicken soup is so good for us, we'll need to make it a point to visit Ji Wo 雞窩  in Taipei, Taiwan. Ji Wo Restaurant is a Sichuan restaurant that specialized in claypot chicken soup. It is a branch of Ji Yuan 驥園 Sichuan Restaurant. At Ji Yuan 驥園, the chicken soup includes a whole chicken and that's the standard portion. Ji Wo 雞窩 was then started where smaller portions of the same chicken soup are served. For a party of less than 4, Ji Wo would be a better choice than Ji Yuan.

Chicken soup at Ji Wo was served in a claypot in a portion that's just right for both HY and me. We ordered  chicken soup with mushrooms. Apart from mushrooms, there's a choice of chicken soup with vegetables and tofu, bamboo shoots and of course the original chicken soup. In Ji Wo, the chicken soup is boiled for 20 hours with Hokkaido dried scallops and premium Chinese ham into a nutritious thick broth that was utterly fragrant and made our stomach growl. Needless to say, the chicken meat have to be tender till it just fall off the bones after the 20 hour of preparation. Chicken Soup for the Soul indeed! After we were done, there was nothing left except the chicken bones in the claypot.

Crunchy seaweed, lightly salted with a sprinkle of white sesame seeds, was served as appetizers.  I thought it was worth mentioning as it taste really delicious and refreshed the palate.

In comparison, this Beef Fried Rice appeared to be the less healthy than the chicken soup. Well, fried rice that not a bit greasy wouldn't taste nice. This fried rice was fragrant. We didn't get to eat a lot of fried rice cooked with pearl rice and this was above the mark. Another dish that we polished the plate.

No. 63 Lane 81 Dun Hua Road Section 2
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel : 02 27043038


FoodieFC said...

Chicken soup = medicine? Good for cold, throat?

well, not working on me sadly. Often have chicken soup, yet getting cold/flu or a bad throat is quite common for me.

The beef fried rice looks delicious and looks like the Pineapple Fried Rice by Ah Loy Thai! (

Unknown said...

Well for cold or flu I see a doc and take antibiotics. I guess chicken soup doesn't work for us as a remedy. Most importantly .... it has to taste good!

Wow Ah Loy Thai looks very popular. Is it the one opposite Tom's Palette?

FoodieFC said...


yes Ah Loy Thai is very popular, it closes early and there's a queue during meal times.

Yes, it is opposite Tom Palette (Ice Cream)


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