Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Broers Cafe .... Cosy Quiet Cafe for enjoying your Coffee

Broers = Brothers in Dutch. Yo Broer welcome to Broers Cafe! That sounds like how the affable Kiat of Broers Cafe would greet you at the door. They caught me with my camera in one hand and my "Be Disloyal"card on another and ask if I'm doing my tour of all 8 cafes in one day. Obviously some folks have urgent need for caffeine. No way! Although it's the espresso I'm having, I'm gonna take my time to enjoy my cuppa especially when The Broers Cafe is a tranquil hideout sandwiched by bustling Jalan Besar and Serangoon Road. Trust these guys to suss out a piece of heaven on earth to start their cafe.

I would encourage anyone who's considering visiting the cafe to visit the Broers Cafe Website. Click on "Menu" and enjoy Kiat's comical portrayal of his coffee. It made me chuckled and I had to pull HY along to check out the cafe right after lunch at mother-in-law's place which was unusually unsatisfying for HY. We were hoping to grab a nice savory nibble as a top-up and for me a caffeine infusion to shrug off the after lunch fatigue.

Spic and Span work area and well maintained equipment always speak well of professionalism and passion. This is what this cool Vibiemme coffee machine in its shiny coat of armour was telling me. Squeeze those black juice out baby!

Kiat was at the helm to brew my cafe latte. Look at those pythons that tamped the ground coffee into portafilter. That's gonna ensure I'm getting all the essence out of that shot.

Nice cup of cafe latte brewed with freshly ground beans. According to Kiat, these beans were roasted by Highlander Coffee. Although it's not as perky as the Terra Firma beans from Papa Palheta, its still  aromatic enough, with a mild acidity for a coffee indulgence .

The Foccacia Chicken Sandwich with Baked White Skin Potatoes were great stuff. The chicken was tender and the mayonnaise was light and made the sand which tasted healthy yet delicious. Usually we weren't too hyped-up over the sides that comes with sandwiches but HY and I totally pulverized the glass of white skin potatoes draped with light mayonnaise and simply sprinkled black pepper.  You know the feeling when you pick up a pack of potato chips and you keep going at it till it's gone. It was exactly how we felt and it's only when we finished everything that we found time to take a step back to reminisce the enjoyment.

As  you walk through the entrance, pass the bar counter, the area expanded into a space with a cosier ambience created by the warm lighting. There were more tables and seats in there. 

We prefer these seats near the entrance where we can enjoy the air conditioning but still get the natural light from outside.

Here's HY enjoying her drink over the latest edition of Epicure magazine ......

.... with a view overlooking a piece of green which is the little park right outside the cafe, among the neighbourhood of cool looking stretch of heritage architecture. Cool setting for a cup of great coffee isn't it?

3 Petain Road

Opening Hours : 
Tues-Thurs and Sun 10am-8pm
Fri~Sat 10am-11pm
Closed on Mondays


Eileen. 静 said...

thanks for the review..glad to know it's near my place..will pop by soon :)

Unknown said...

Not a problem ..... thanks for adding my food diary to your blog. Cheers ;-)

Liberty Coffee said...

We enjoyed the potatoes too and sympathize with your dread of reaching the end of the glass.


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