Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coffee Indulgence in Papa Palheta

After a visit to Loysel's Toy, I wanted to trace back to it's origin at Papa Palheta and here I am looking for a coffee indulgence to start my morning.

Here's the entrance into the coffee roaster. Yes, enter from the rear.

I was the first person entering the Papa Palheta's Lab (PpPO Lab) where the friendly barrista,  Marcus made me a Cafe Latte with Terra Firma beans roasted at Loysel's Toy. Papa Palheta is actually a coffee roaster and not a cafe. They make you good coffee though. Loysel's Toy is the cafe that they opened. Tasting Notes for the Terra Firma beans : Nutty and citrus, balanced with chocolatey bitter-sweet finish.

I'm already sure that it would be hell of an indulging cuppa as Marcus took some time tasting, re-tasting and then finally coming up with the perfect cuppa for me. The latte was balanced, the milk sweet but didn't mask the fragrance of the coffee and the acidity was mild. I liked the cafe latte that I had in Loysel's Toy and I love this one too!

There's no menu and price list for the coffee that you can order so please tip. I dropped a S$5 note into the tip box as I thought it's much better than Starbucks regular cafe latte. Here's the tip box so don't act blur huh.

Here's the cosy courtyard that I sat without anyone bothering me while I enjoy my cafe latte. There's also an air conditioned area with sofas right behind the glass panel with the 'Papa Palheta' sign.

The subtleties inside Papa Palheta surrounding that enjoyable cuppa.

I parked my vintage car right here. 

140 Bukit Timah Road (turn into Hooper Road)
Tel: +65 9799 0420

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 9am to 6pm
Weekends: 9am to 7.30pm
Mondays: Closed for roasting


theplebeianpalate said...

awesome place for a cup of coffee! how do u like it?

Unknown said...

Yes Marsque and ter, Papa Palheta was cool. The coffee was as marvelous as in Loysel's Toy!


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