Monday, August 1, 2011

Capricci Italian Dining .... to satisfy your whims in Italiano style

Capricci is a warm homey Italian restaurant with a set up still very much as Oso left it in 2009. The duo behind Capricci is Massimo Aquaro, who's in the Food and Beverage business for many years, and Chef Luca Carrino who brought with him the flavors of Turin, Italy. Service at Capricci was attentive even to the point of enticing the little ones with complimentary toys as we first sat down at the table. There's valet service at the restaurant and you'll most welcome this service if you drive and knowing how difficult it is to find parking in the area. Capricci's hospitality made this dining experience enjoyable.

The pizza bread in Capricci's bread basket was the best. Shreds of chilli added spiciness and providing a more local twist. I told Chef Luca that I can eat this forever. Guess what ...... He gave me 2 extra servings!

Chef Luca Carrino busy making pizzas and we got the best seats to watch him  work the pizzas. Our table was right at the glass wall that separated us and him.

36 months cured Parma ham with rock melon sorbet. For a 36 months cured Parma it was not overly salty and it maintains its characteristic soft and tender texture. We liked the rock melon sorbet that differentiates Capricci's Parma ham and melon with other Italian restaurants. The chilli padi was obviously for decorative purpose than to be mingled and eaten with the sorbet.

Flour battered fried calamari with spicy marinara sauce. The calamari didn't have a presentation to impress but the taste was impressive enough. The batter was crispy and the squid was tender. The marinara sauce can get quite spicy. 

The Seafood Soup that HY ordered was a dilute tomato base soup infused with the flavors of the seafood. I prefer the soup to have more body and the touches of herbs to be milder. 

Oven baked suckling pig Sardinia style with Mirto liquer on a hat of Portobello mushroom. The crispy skin of the suckling pig was like a piece of cracker, absolutely gorgeous. The meat was sandwiched between the crispy skin and the portobello mushroom. The chunks of meat taste quite good when eaten with savoriness of the mushroom. However, when I pick the chunks and eat them separate from the portobello, there was an overpowering taste of the thyme and rosemary. I prefer an extra pinch of salt added to the pork chunks and a milder touch of herbs.

Homemade tagliolini (narrow flat ribbons) with lobster and sweet tomato sauce. Like how Capricci runs its business on its tag line 'Capricci Promises to Satisfy Every Whims', there was no questions asked when HY requested the tagliolini swapped to angel's hair. The chunks of lobster was sweet and tender.

Tiramisu here was soft and spongy. The cake and mascapone ratio was about 50~50, but delicious nevertheless

The Lime sorbet was definitely a good one to cleanse the palate. It was nothing spectacular though.

27 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel : +65 6221 6761

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