Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar ..... No monkey business when it comes to coffee.

Like all the many specialty coffee places that have sprouted all around Singapore, Jimmy Monkey Cafe and Bar has an address that's not exactly convenient. The cafe found itself among the retail shops of One North Residences. It's about a 10 to 15 minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT. Like life itself, nothing's perfect. If you have a convenient location, you'll loose the tranquil factor that I thought is quintessential for a cafe in order to enjoy good coffee. For those who drive, there's ample parking in the condominium. Usually, I shun cafes or restaurants having an association with animals as my brain would categorized  them as child theme restaurant. If not for the "Be Disloyal" campaign, I would have missed a good cafe that's serious about their coffee.

Espresso coffee in Jimmy Monkey is brewed with this Slayer Coffee Machine. It's one of it's kind in Singapore. If you'll like to see how this mean machine works, you're welcome to sit at the barista bench to see the full works. Free smells from the coffee too!

My Cafe Latte was brewed with a mixed blend consisting of 2 parts of Guatemalan and 1 part of Costa Rican. It's smooth, aromatic with a good kick and mild acidity.

As I was saying, Jimmy Monkey is serious about their coffee. They are roasting their own beans with a Giesen Roaster. Having a roaster would mean that they can control the quality of their coffee. Michael, the owner of Jimmy Monkey caught me with my camera, shooting in his cafe and stopped me for a chat. He's all enthusiastic about his coffee telling me all about blending of the beans to achieve a distinct body and low acidity for the beans I had for me cafe latte. After chatting with Michael,  I'm even more sure that this cafe will be built around it's passion for coffee.

As we arrived in the late afternoon, there's no more savory food but there's still some good scones available for me to go with my coffee. I only ordered one scone and they provided clotted cream, butter and even ask me what type of jam that I would like. That's more than I ask for. As the cafe is owned by a Melbournian, I'll expect some good breakfast food and I can see a good breakfast list in their menu. There should be a Jimmy Monkey breakfast for me sometime soon.

The cafe had the industrial look with the glossy cement floor and bar top nicely complimented with solid wood tops and stainless steel hood and exhaust. If you'd take some time to suck up this place, you'll notice that the cafe has two floors. You can only use the first floor, the floor for the second floor is nonexistent. There are some chill out corners and even a long dining table right in the middle of the cafe that can sit about 12 people. I like the quaint location of the cafe and I was showed some of their good service. My only regret is that there weren't more tables for dining outside. One point to note is if we all decide to drink more coffee from Jimmy Monkey, they may decide to put-up the ceiling for the first floor or add a floor for their cheekily decorated second floor.

9 One North Gateway
#01-51 One North Residences
Tel: +65 6777 8470

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu 8.30am-8.30pm
Fri and Sat 8.30am-10.30pm
Closed on Monday


Jer Lin said...

how were the scones? i miss having clotted cream with scones!

Unknown said...

The scones were quite good!


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