Friday, October 28, 2011

Nougat from Sugar & Spice 糖村 - Taipei, Taiwan

HY was helping a friend pick up some goodies during our Taipei trip which led us to Sugar & Spice 糖村. Sugar & Spice is a bakery that originates from Taichung. It has a delectable selection of cakes and even the Taiwanese style pineapple tarts. I find it strange that we were asked to bring back Nougats from Taiwan??!!! However, after sampling the nougats at Sugar & Spice, we decided to bring a box back for ourselves. The mouthful of coffee caramel nougat blossomed of immense coffee and caramel fragrance and I especially like it for its milkiness. There were the coffee caramel flavor and the original milk flavor for the nougats. The nougats from Sugar & Spice were soft and chewy. I thought that the coffee caramel was good but the original flavored one was even better. If anyone, like me, had a fetish for eating milk powder straight from a teaspoon, you'll like the original flavored nougat. It has an intense taste of milk. I'm chewing on one as I'm typing now. Delicious!

158 Dun Hua Road Section 1
Da An District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel : 02 2752 2188


Anonymous said...

How right you are about the original nougat! I'm working on a joint Taiwanese/St.Lucian project in St.Lucia (West Indies) and our Taiwanese colleagus have introduced us to this delicious nougat. I too was a dried milk "addict" and I can taste the same creaminess. Having just eaten the last piece, I'm wondering how I can order a huge box for myself.!

Unknown said...

Your comment leads me back to look at this post. Arrrh .... I want some of those nougats! :)


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