Saturday, October 15, 2011

Superb 穆記牛肉小吃店 Mu Ji Beef Noodle in Taipei, Taiwan


I'm switching back to English as I find out (from my last diary entry) that although speaking Mandarin is second nature, penning it down is another story. It's a serious case of the brain acting so much faster than the fingers can handle. Anyway, that's my own problem and a detour from documenting this superb Taiwanese beef noodles from 穆記牛肉小吃店 Mu Ji Beef Noodles. Beef Noodles was top on our list for food as Doc has instructed HY to have iron-rich food. Beef obviously have a lot of that.

About noon time, the cab dropped us at 239 Wuxing Street and right in front of Mu Ji Beef Noodles. The shop was functional, not pretty at all, but there was the welcoming air conditioning. We spotted a dough kneading machine right at the entrance. Great! A sign of hand made noodles. As we entered the shop there were only a few tables and we were ushered to the basement where there were more seats. And at the basement, the place was packed with people coupled with the cacophony that followed.

We ordered the popular Braised Beef Noodles 紅燒牛肉麵 and we were allowed to choose the type of hand made noodles to go with it. There's the choice of thick noodles, a cross between udon and tagliatelle, or the thinner one like the spaghetti. The noodles here achieved a good "Q 感", a Taiwanese term for "al dente".

紅燒牛肉麵的牛肉超軟!The beef was perfectly braised and tasted superb with the spicy and  robust flavor from the soup. It's so tender that it didn't take much effort to tear the meat apart with a pair of chopsticks.

斤餅包牛肉 Another popular dish of Mu Ji is their Sliced Beef Roll. Well marinated tender slices of beef were wrapped into onion-infused flour dough. The slices of beef were slapped together with small sections of spring onion and mixed with sauce that made this dish taste like Peking duck. The texture obviously different though.

No. 239 Wuxing Street
Sinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2722 2707


red fir said...

Easier to read. (:

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Unknown said...

Yes gonna be a Daddy :) Thanks.


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