Sunday, October 23, 2011

Found Roti Boyan in Bedok Interchange Food Centre

As HY and I were scouring the rest of Bedok Interchange Food Centre for our breakfast, I saw in the shelf of an Indian Muslim drinks stall a food that looked like a flattened circular piece of curry puff. The man tells me it's Roti Boyan. I've definitely never seen it before. This roti is not small as you can imagine its size relative to my hand and I don't have small hands.

If you've eaten Begedil (deep fried potato pattiy) before, you'll taste the similarity in the filling.  Mashed potatoes fill the inside of the crispy local Curry Puff liked exterior, just that there's no curry added.  

I was given a packet of chilli sauce to go with the roti Boyan. the sweet chilli sauce made it tastier. It's definitely an energy food, being primarily carbohydrates.

Indian Muslim Food Section
Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road

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