Saturday, March 24, 2012

Package drop from Barcelona Spain ... Jamon Iberico and Salted Chocolate

I am blessed with friends who travel and willing to bring back those little indulgence from outside Singapore. This time it's J's turn to visit Barcelona. I was thinking of a list to buy. A Loewe wallet? Neh. A pair of Camper shoes? Neh. I rather she carry back my favorite ... Jamon Iberico Bellota, Ham of Acorn fed Iberian Hogs. If you're interested to find out where to get it, the address is right above and conveniently located in the La Boqueria, the main market place along the La Ramblas. There's many places in Barcelona that you can get Jamon Iberico but you'll most likely want to visit La Ramblas so this will be along the way. However, the La Boqueria is popular with the tourist so one may be paying more when you obviously don't look local :). It's really an indulgence to receive this package during my semi-confinement.

Here's one pack that I've opened. The aroma just burst out of the plastic package as I slit it open. There are usually vacuum packed ones like this one that are ready and convenient for packing into the luggage.

Here's me taking the few slices and popping it straight into my mouth. Just wish there's some wine to go with this. Well, I have to be nice. No alcohol in the house for now other than D.O.M., Yomeishu, or Ginger Wine. Else HY will go berserk hehehe.

Here's another pack that is freshly carved on the spot and then vacuum packed for you. If you care to read till this far, it means you're interested in Jamon. Here's one recommendation if you want top of the line Jamon where even Ferran Adria and Anthony Bourdain patronise, called Jamonisimo

Apart from Jamon, we'll like to drink hot chocolate in Spain. You can have hot chocolate with churros in Cafe de L'Opera along the La Ramblas. Cafe de L'Opera is the oldest cafe in Spain. Well ... that the touristy stuff that we do anyway. For "real" hot chocolate in Spain, Cacao Sampaka's name stick out. It's a popular chocolate maker in Spain. HY and I were crazy over their hot dark chocolate that they served when we were backpacking in Barcelona 8 years ago. You have a few choices at the percentage of cacao for your hot chocolate. As I was rampaging through my fridge I found a bar of dark chocolate from Cacao Sampaka that J bought for us. It's Ibiza's Sea Salt with dark chocolate and really sublime. Ibiza is Spain's party island where one would conjure images of sexy bikini cladded babes and handsome ripple bodied males party 24 hours in their beach wear. Salt from the sea of Ibiza where these pretty bodies dipped themselves ..... Mmmm yummy.

Want some of these dark chocolate with ... salt from the bodies of the babes that dipped themselves ..... oops .... with the Ibiza Sea Salt, I mean ;-P


red fir said...

Didn't get the whole hog? :-)

Unknown said...

I only wish to get a whole leg but no $$$ :)

jacobmontereal said...

It looks tasty, I want this jamon iberico. can't wait to go there for vacation.



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