Saturday, September 8, 2012

Uma Uma Ramen ... for Hakata style ramen

Everyone knows that Iggy's is one of the best restaurant in Asia. But how many knows that Iggy's has started a ramen  shop, Uma Uma Ramen, just next door of of Hilton Hotel in Forum the Shopping Mall? Contrary to what we expected, we found our table easily even though it was Friday evening and there was a no reservation policy when we tried to call to reserve a table. Uma Uma Ramen serves Hakata Ramen. Hakata? Not very mainstream right? Well, Kyushu, Sapporo and Tokyo are the big three most popular ramen region in Japan and Hakata ramen is one of the ramen that helps puts Kyushu ramen on the map. At Uma Uma, there are only two varieties of ramen, the Uma Uma Ramen and the Spicy Chasiu Ramen. Choices of additional toppings are at a cost and there are a few side dishes.

Here's  HY's bowl of  Uma Uma Ramen that comes with chasiu, spring onion, back fungus and spicy miso. She skipped the spicy miso.  Hakata ramen was thin and had a firm texture, not unlike just cooked "Mee Kia". The broth was thick and flavorful.

My Spicy Chasiu Ramen, came with chasiu, spicy marinade, chilli oil leeks and spring onion. Like HY's ramen, the broth was thick and flavorful. We would have preferred the saltiness toned down. Our taste buds are probably not like the natives of Hakata and I preferred Sapporo's ramen for the springiness. HY preferred the texture of this Hakata style ramen.

We shared a Chicken Karaage as sides. There was non of the greasiness on the chicken  and we noticed that  the chicken was finely coated so that it doesn't have that excess crisp. You can imagine this to be like the Original texture of the KFC chicken over it's Crispy counterpart. This was good.

583 Orchard Road
Forum the Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884
Tel : +65 6235 0855


Anonymous said...

Just ate there. Portions are too small. Taste is ok but it's over rated and not worth the price you pay

Unknown said...

I prefer Sapporo style ramen. I think it's more like a taste preference thingy. :)


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