Thursday, November 1, 2012

美佳海鮮餐館 Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant and their 2 most popular dishes

Here's 美佳海鮮餐館 Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant where a chef friend claimed would get his vote for best beef hor fun. KF Seetoh would probably agree to their beef hor fun as there's a Makasutra certificate pasted on one of their pillars. Business at Bee Kia is brisk especially during lunch and dinner time. In addition, this is more like a coffee shop chi char stall rather than a restaurant, so I don't expect good service. Be prepared for a good wait.

Bee Kia sits inside Sin Mee Eating House that is located directly opposite Thomson Medical Centre. For drivers, finding parking in this area can be a headache during lunch and dinner.

Let's cut to the chase. Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant is not about seafood but their mean enough Beef Hor Fun. Several customers just pop by to have a plate of their beef hor fun. The hor fun is "see chup" style as in drizzled with preserved black bean sauce. The sauce is slightly sweeter than the Geylang one that we normally patronized and the beef is well tenderized. What I find lacking is the "wok hei" on the hor fun which would otherwise made this perfect for us. I wonder if we should be so fussy as our benchmark is the same dish that we had in a small local "char chan teng" Hong Kong street eatery near Ladies' Market, Kowloon Hong Kong. The wok hei was hard to beat. But then ..... we're in Singapore hor! A few of my friends does recommend Bee Kia for their beef hor fun.

We can have beef hor fun as the mains and the side kick here has to be the prawn paste chicken. Dee p fried till golden brown and drained to make it devoid of grease as much as possible. I must say this is one of the best prawn paste chicken.

By the way, it's all "al fresco" dining down here.

1 Thomson Road
#01-326 Balestier Hill Shopping Centre
Singapore 301001
Tel : +65 6254 8490

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