Tuesday, November 13, 2012

大東蝦麵 Da Dong Prawn Noodles ... "Guerilla" Prawn Noodles is here to stay in Joo Chiat?

At the stretch of Joo Chiat, when you, the Prawn Noodle maniac, see the sign that says "大東蝦面在这里 Da Dong Prawn Noodle is here", don't flinch, don't look back, you've found the place. We have been spying this prawn noodles stall for a while, skeptical about their standards. Da Dong Prawn Noodles is now sitting in the stall space inside Mellvin Coffee Shop that used to house Ren Ren Prawn Noodles. Nothing special about Ren Ren that's why our skepticism on this replacement stall. However, Da Dong Prawn Noodles is a different story and after some research, we understand that Da Dong had some history and has gone "guerilla" on it's fair share of fans. For all it's history since 1966, I'm really glad that they've decided to settle in Joo Chiat, a stone's throw away from where we're residing now.

Here's the stall and the man behind the stall who's the "guerilla" himself. Boss lives with the following philosophy that he displays on the blue sign in front of the stall,"If you do the simple things repeatedly, you'll be an expert. If you do it repeatedly with your best effort, you'll be a winner." Now you're looking forward to trying the prawn noodles right?

Here's HY's the soup version of prawn noodles. The most coveted component which is the delicious soup stock wasn't this much when it was served to us. I had to ask for more as HY usually like to drink them all up. Boss opened the cover of his prawn soup stock in a protective manner and only spare a small extra scoop. I don't blame him because after you drink a spoonful of this flavorsome soup stock, you'll be back for more. The soup has a melting pot of flavors from prawns and pork, with good tones of savoriness coupled with good hints of sweetness. What's ultimately nice for me was that it didn't send me rushing for a big glass of water to clear the usual effects of MSG in typical prawn noodle soup. I do agree with Boss that he should guard his pot of soup stock.

Here's my dried version of the pork rib prawn noodles. I like it that the meat on the pork rib was so soft, loosely held to the bone, juicy and tasty on the bite.

You know you're here when you see the signs. Many already found out that Da Dong is back in business at this premise so prepare for a wait during lunch hours.

From the entrance to the public car park right across the street, I was looking at Mellvin Coffee Shop where Da Dong sits right now. Nobody knows when Boss decides that the location is not optimal again.

354 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427600

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