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Keong Saik Snack ... A place to snack from lunch all through tilldinner.

Michelin Star famed Jason Atherton came to start a little culinary whirlwind with the fine diner, Pollen at the Flower Dome (Gardens by the Bay), the casual Esquina Tapas bar and now the more casual all day snack diner, Keong Saik Snacks. Atherton teams up with another well known figure in Singapore's hotel and restaurant scene, Loh Lik Peng. Mr Loh is the familiar guy in Keong Saik having started his hotel and restaurant venture from Majestic Hotel at Bukit Pasoh in the adjoining street. Having experienced Mr Loh's interesting dinning venues in Majestic Hotel and Wanderlust Hotel, one would be equally delighted with dining in a shop house along Keong Saik Road. You'll find some of the "snacks" here likened to common western casual food but differentiated with a slight Asian twist. This one month old snacking place can become really packed and there's a No Reservations policy. At KSS, do not expect big portions. The food they serve here are after all .... Snacks. 

There are bar counter seats where the chef are there cooking up the snacks for you.

KSS welcomes family snacking too and provides child seats.

Jane joined HY and I to have snacks for dinner. Before snacking, we ordered Cava  to compliment our food.

Iberico Ham and Manchego Cheese Toastie. To imagine the portion, the pair of eggs belong to Quails. This looks like breakfast but KSS is only opened at 12 noon. The toast were well toasted so as to get that crusty texture as we bit on them. The cheese and Iberico were plain savory indulgence. 

Jason's Very Hot Dog. HY and Jane insisted that I have to eat this as it's also my hot dog (I'm Jason too). We were given a very long hot dog. This taste like a more tone down Nathan's hot dog with sliced green chilli to provide an Asian twist.The addition of green chilli was akin to the taste experience of green chilli when it was complimenting the Indian vadai.

This 21 Days Aged Irish Strip Loin with Crispy Onion and Peppercorn sauce was one of the specials of the day that wasn't found on the menu. The strip loin was done till medium and was terrific until we ate the last third of the portion. The last portion was sinewy and quite impossible to chomp.

As what we had were snack portions, we decided to push on for more snacks. Here's the Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo and Iceberg lettuce. The lobster chunks were of perfect tenderness and tasted refreshing with the spicy mayo.

The Kimchi Burger came with the burger all wrapped up and the kimchi contained in a dish as sides.

Here's the Kimchi Burger unravelled. The beef patty was good. Kimchi seemed like a good replacement for pickles. I had lots of the kimchi over the patty to give more of a Korean twist than just a plain good American burger.The patty was at least 1 inch thick and this made it real juicy.

Chilli Garlic is commonly used in Chinese restaurant for deep fried cuttle fish or pork ribs. This was executed on thin cut fries. We all gave thumbs up for this Chilli Garlic Fries. The only down side was the portion. We need more of this! 

Hot Doughnuts with Cinnamon and Vanilla / Caramel Chantilly. This was our dessert that's fluffy and went very well with plenty of Caramel Chantilly that had some salt in it. Be generous with the chantilly to enjoy this snack.

49 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089153
Tel : +65 6221 8338
Keong Saik Snacks Facebook

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