Monday, January 19, 2009

Shunjuu ........ A good place for sumiyaki

Shunjuu is popular for their Sumiyaki. Sumiyaki, in Japanese, means charcoal grilled food. Most of the food are skewered onto wooden sticks and then grilled over charcoal fire. Shunjuu serves one of the best Sumiyaki in Singapore and it's no wonder that they've won several food accolades throughout the years.

In Sumiyaki, the meats are usually fresh selections, grilled with sparingly sprinkled sea salt or with light marinating. Shunjuu's grilling skills makes them one of the best in this type of Japanese food. This type of food is good to go with beer, sake or shochu. This is why the restaurant has a good selection of sake and shochu. Sumiyaki is mostly eten directly off the wooden skewers, hence it is more like a casual food. This makes a good Japanese cuisine for a gathering of friends.

As a start you'll be served with fresh, crispy cabbage with miso paste for a dipping sauce.

The following are some of what I've eaten and would recommend.

Grilled Foie Gras. This is the dish that all my munching buddies and I agreed that its the best of all. The foie gras is tasty to the core.

Scallop wrapped with pork.

Pork Belly. This is tasty for people who likes pork belly. When grilled the fragrance of the pork lard will make this dish tastier.

Black Pork Neck. This is what I came for. The pork neck meat is one of the most tender portion of the pig. It is grilled lighty peppered and salted. Good stuff.

Chicken Wings. The chicken wings are grilled just right and not too greasy.

Chicken Balls. This chicken ball is made of minced chicken meat with a very good sauce to go with it.

Grilled Butterfish

Just in case that the skewered food cannot feel your stomach, there's also a stable of staple food like udon, soba, and onigiri.

If you'll like to visit Shunjuu, try to get a reservation especially for the weekends. I'll prefer to sit outside the restaurant, without the air conditioning so as not to get smell of grilled food stuck on you after you leave. The evening breeze along the Singapore river makes dinner a very friendly and casual ambience.

Cost : about S$60 per person

Address : 30 Robertson Quay #01-15 Riverside View Singapore 238251

Country : Singapore

Website :


red fir said...

If you like kushiyaki, you should check out Kazu at Cuppage Plaza. That is the Holy Grail of kushi in Singapore. :)

Anonymous said...

woah, that looks a great meal!

erm $60 sounds abit on the pricy side to me .. but I havent eaten in spore in ages!

The foie gras + scallops for me please.

kang at

Selba said...

Yummmm.. the food looks so yummy!

Joie de vivre said...

What a fun restaurant!


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