Sunday, March 15, 2009

Founder "Bar Ku The" 起发人肉骨茶餐馆 ........ a star studded place for pork rib soup

Founder Bar Ku The ? This is none other than the signboard of the popular Founders Bak Kut Teh that is located along Balestier Road. during lunch time and weekends, this place is packed. When you're inside you'll be amazed by the number of stars and celebrities from around the region coming to this place for pork rib soup.

Pork Rib Soup (S$8 per bowl). This is different from the normal S$6 of pork rib soup. For the S$2 extra, this long stripped pork rib is meatier and tender. The soup is tasty and peppery. Definitely one of the better white pepper pork rib soup. You can have unlimited top up the soup. Just get one of the waiters to help you.

Some other good dishes apart from the pork rib soup are the pig liver soup and the pig trotters. The pork trotters they serve here is stewed til its very soft. There's quite a lot of lean meat in the trotters that they serve here.

Entrance of the restaurant .......

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Cost : about S$14 per person

Address : 347 Balestier Road

Opening Hours: 12pm-2pm, 6pm-3am (closed on Tuesday)

Country : Singapore

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