Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jones the Grocer for Breakfast

This is my second write up about Jones the Grocer. The last one was about having cupcakes and scones over tea. This time it's exploring their breakfast menu.

If you happen to walk in from their side door where there's a day bed set just on the right side of this door, you'll see many Jamie Oliver welcoming you into the grocer. The place can be busy. So, approach a waiter or waitress and ask for a table, else you'll be ignored for a while.

This is the English Breakfast that I had ordered S$20

This is the New Zealand Farm eggs that I ordered in another visit. It comes with toast and butter. The bacon and sausage in the bowl are add-on orders. After looking at this photo, I realized that I should just order the English Breakfast instead....... haha

A scone set (S$4). The butter that they serve here is good.

Coconut Pancake (S$12.50) - The 2 big pieces of coconut pancake is topped with mango cubes. The vanilla beans ice cream goes very well with the pancakes.

We discovered that Jones serves good Latte (S$4/glass). The coffee is aromatic and the milk is thick, giving a rich flavour. This is about the best latte had so far.

Address : 9 Dempsey Road, #01-12, Dempsey Hill

Country : Singapore

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